Book Review: The Seven Sisters Series by Lucinda Riley.

The Seven Sisters Series by Lucinda Riley! 

Today's book review is coming to you from the mouths of our Mum and sister Jen. Why? Because after months of hearing them talk nonstop about Lucinda Riley, I felt like I had to share their thoughts. I am yet to read the books, but I have promised I will do soon - I'm certain I won't hear the end of it until I do! 

The Seven Sisters.

Jen: "I honestly find it really difficult to express just how incredible this book was. It was an absolute page turner. I needn't visit Rio anymore because I feel like I've already been."

Mum: "I am completely in awe of Lucinda Riley. I feel like I went to Rio while reading this book. It was just fantastic."

Jen: "This story was utterly gripping and extremely emotional. I couldn't put it down."

Mum: "I just cried! This story is so intricately written. There is so much detail, that I could just read them again and again and again." 

Jen: "Like with the first book, The Shadow Sister completely transported me to it's setting, which was The Lake District. Lucinda Riley's writing blows me away with how much it draws you in. This book I found incredibly inspiring. The leading lady was determined and stuck to her guns, but she was also sweet and the story was just lovely."

Mum: "They just keep getting better and better!!!" 

Short and sweet but there we have it. It was actually so lovely sitting with both Mum and Jen to ask for a few thoughts on these books. They both get so animated and excited about them and end up in their own world of discussion. They even whisper certain parts, as to not give anything away to us! 

Have you read any of Lucinda Riley's books? If you haven't we hope this review makes you pick one up and enjoy it! 

Happy Reading!

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