Happy Easter/ Buona Pasqua!

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all having a super start to Spring! Even though we woke up to drizzle today we have been making the most of the sunshine peaking through the clouds, both at work and in our gardens, over the last few days. It's hopefully giving us a taste of a good old British Summer to come, which we haven't experienced in a long time and cannot wait for.

We love this time of year; the light nights (we also love it when the dark nights creep in as then we know it's Christmas!) the flowers, the fresh air and the sun shining through our windows and lighting up the house. It's a beautiful time. Plus, we have Easter just around the corner, which means plenty of traditional Italian Easter baking! This year we feel like we are really taking in every moment. It may sound silly, as we still had time changes in America and we still did our baking, but there's something about being home that is making us pause and really appreciate all these things in our own country again - would you laugh if we said there was genuine excitement in being able to put our recycling out, after work, in daylight?? It happened!! ;)

We're very much looking forward to the four day weekend approaching (the kids at work can feel it, we swear - they be crazy!) and we are kicking off this Good Friday with making traditional Italian Pastiera Napoletana. It's a cake we have been making since we were kids, but haven't made with family for the last few years. Not going to lie, it's a tough one this year. We were beyond excited to show Grandad how we make it by ourselves, to impress and surprise him, so him not being here is incredibly difficult, but we are determined to make his legacy live on, so not making it is not an option.We got this Grandad!! This cake was his pride and joy. We know he'll be with us guiding the way and we're excited to finally make it with Jen and Nanna again.

Italian Easter Traditions.

Here is our recipe for Pastiera Napoletana that we made last year in Florida. * This was such a special day for us and a huge deal when it came out better than the year before. You know we sent Jen, Nanna and Grandad tons of pictures!!


* We should mention that you can add a generous helping (give or take half a bottle) of Sambuca to the recipe. That will be happening this year as we have Nanna by our side! :)  

If you are a regular reader of our blog (Thank you!) you will know that while we love making our family's traditional recipes, we also love to learn all about Italian specialties that we have never made before and give them a go. Last year we had a go at homemade Torrone, a treat we've always had at Nanna and Grandad's but never thought we could make ourselves! It was so much fun....and very sticky! 

This year, we wanted to again try something new and couldn't resist this Italian Easter bread. We have seen it on Pinterest for ages. We had also seen Rosella Rago post her recipe on Instagram and saw her videos of her making it with her Nonna, so we headed to the Cooking With Nonna website to see what it entailed. We adore Rosella and her Nonna is the cutest! Be sure to check out their site!! They also have a Cooking With Nonna Cookbook, which we most definitely need to pick up! :) 

This recipe was easy to follow and turned out delicious! We were jumping with glee when our Scarcella came out of the oven, so much so we had to send a picture to Rosella! This is an Italian treat we will certainly be making again. We have plans to make more on Friday with Nanna as she absolutely loved it. She hadn't actually had it before and was thrilled that we were trying out other Italian recipes, it made her smile and made our hearts so happy that we were able to make it for her. Thank you Rosella and Nonna Romana! <3 


Do you have any Easter traditions, be it baking or family Easter egg hunts? We'd love to hear about them! 

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Easter! 

Buona Pasqua! 


  1. Everything you bake looks incredible. I hope you had the most wonderful day, and I bet your Grandad would be so proud of your Pastiera Napoletana. We did a little Easter egg hunt for Dougie today, and I did some baking this last week, but we don't really have any traditions - I'm hoping that as Dougie gets a bit older he'll enjoy things like baking and then we can do that together and make lots of Easter goodies!
    Hels xxx

    1. Thank you so much Hels! We love being in the kitchen! <3 We had a lovely Easter thank you, we did a few hunts with our niece and sister! Hope you had a great day too! We bet Dougie loved the Easter egg hunt. :) We're sure he'll love baking with you as he gets older, it's such a fun activity for kids!

      Enjoy Easter Monday! xxx