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In our line of work it is mandatory that we go on first aid courses. We learnt all about recovery positions and R.I.C.E back in college and completed exams online in America to refresh our knowledge. Having been a little out of the childcare loop for the past few years here in the UK, we were certainly due some training. So, the past two Wednesday's we finished work at five and headed straight to a three hour session with Manchester First Aid Training.

We have to admit, after a nine hour day, we were dreading going on an evening course and worried about being too tired to concentrate. Alas, we needn't have worried. Joanne, was our trainer and she was fantastic. She didn't read off a power point or talk at us and have us panicking if we would remember a million facts and billions of words, instead she kept us active, carrying out physical tasks, chatting with us, and above all she made it funny and created a relaxed environment. 

We felt compelled to write this post today because after Joanne's course we felt a surge of sheer determination to go out into the world over prepared. The course was both terrifying and brilliant. Terrifying in that we hope and pray we never have to be put in scary situations, such as having to give CPR or taking care of someone having a seizure, but brilliant because if, heaven forbid, such a situation did arise, then we'd like to think we can be of help and jump into action.  

Maybe it's because we are now thirty years old, or maybe it's simply because in comparison to when we were doing first aid for rookie life-guarding as teens, we have experienced more and learnt the harsh realities of life, but this time it really gave us pause. You just never know what will happen next and that can be an absolutely terrifying thought. So, what can we do to be over prepared for an emergency?

For one, we now both carry a face shield in the event of performing CPR. These are handy for those who might not want to put their mouth around a stranger or in the event that the person is bleeding or has been sick.

Two: Our purses now contain a little packet of sugar and some sweets, just in case someone faints. More often than not this is a simple case of raising their legs and rubbing sugar on their gums to bring them back around. 

Three: We now know where our nearest Defibrillator is and where we can find others. Did you know that if you can get a Defibrillator to someone in the first minute of them collapsing/stopped breathing/ heart stopped, they have a 90% chance of survival. We firmly believe these should be in everyone's home, but just so you know, every Asda, gym, most doctors surgeries, police stations and fire stations should have one. 

Four: We all grow up being taught not to judge a book by it's cover. We have also all probably been guilty of judging others at some point in our lives too. But this course truly made us think about the world around us. When you are out and about in public, look around you, stay off your phone, observe people, be present and follow your instincts. Never judge someone on how they are dressed, always assess a situation and help anyone who needs you. In our course alone we heard stories about people thinking someone was drunk, wobbling, shaking, weaving as they walked, when in fact they were diabetic and needed sugar quick. Be present, think and help!! 

Five: We now know how to use an Epi-pen. These come with instructions, so you might think it to be simple, but it's not and it's more than just sticking it in someones leg. You need to make sure of the correct positioning to avoid artery damage and killing a person, and you also need to keep up to date with how long they need to be injected for...3 seconds if you were wondering, but that also depends on what brand of Epi-pen you are using. 

These are just some of the things we learnt and we honestly feel that this course is a must for everyone. You just never know who you are going to be able to help. It's not just important for those who work in childcare, it's important for every single person. We all have family and friends that we would want to do our best to help in an emergency, so think about it and take action!!!

Be sure to check out Manchester First Aid Training on Facebook and book a class with Joanne, she was awesome!

Have you done a first aid course before? Is it required in your work place?

Have a safe and happy day.

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