The kitchen is the heart of the home.


Coming from an Italian family, we obviously spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Grandad always used to say to us that "The kitchen is the heart of the home." We have to say, we agree wholeheartedly with him. We love nothing more that cooking with, and for, our family.

When friends come over to our house, the first thing we do is make tea or coffee and get treats out. We like to know people are fed and watered and would hate for people to leave our homes hungry. Ask any of our friends about our Mum, or Nanna and Grandad, and they'll tell you the first thing they get asked when they walk through their front door is... "Have you eaten?" It's not too difficult to see where we get it from. Two words that will forever make us smile are, "Hai Mangiato?" Grandad asked us this the minute we hugged him or spoke to him on the phone, every time we hugged him and every time we spoke to him on the phone.

Just before Christmas, we moved into new houses and you can probably guess which room we were excited about the most. The Kitchen, of course. The best part about living back in England, near our family, is that our Mum had saved lots of cutlery and kitchenware for us over the years. In addition, we obviously had to pinch a few things from Nanna and Grandad. Practically everything in their kitchen is sentimental to us, so we loved getting to bring bits and pieces into our homes. This also meant we didn't actually have to buy a lot of new things.

Today we thought we would bring you in to our kitchens and show you our favourite corners:


I kid you not, I have NEVER been able to keep herbs alive before. In America, they wouldn't last a week! Yet this picture is living proof that it can be done. Nanna and Grandad always have fresh herbs on their windowsill, so it's always been a goal of mine to do the same. This Basil, in the middle, I've had since a week after I moved into my house last November!! I'm amazed! I also have parsley on the left and mint on the right.

Coffee related things make me happy. This little collection of espresso cups and saucers puts an extra smile on my face because our Auntie Giuseppina gave a set to our Mum, who kindly passed one down to me for my house. I think it's the cutest. The cafetiere, is from Nanna and Grandad's house. I also have a big one and a stove top espresso machine, again from Nanna and Grandad. They are happy with us taking things from their kitchen I promise!! 

I was very excited when I found a matching toaster and kettle, that look retro and fit the colour of my kitchen tiles perfectly. This is my little coffee/tea/treat corner. My Italian biscuit tin - any guesses where I found that? - is full of my favourite Balconi cakes, as well as some chocolate goodies when I need a quick pick me up. All the gold trays you will find in our kitchens, are courtesy of Pasticceria Pansa, in Amalfi. We recycle the trays their cakes come on, each time we get parcels from our Aunties. This is a trick Nanna and Grandad have done for years, their kitchen is full of them. You'd be surprised how handy they can be! 


Pandoro, Panettone, flour, biscuits and pasta, this is my corner of deliciousness. Being stocked up on Farina Tipo 00 is extremely important in my house, it's the best flour and perfect for pizza. Crosta and Mollica have become a firm staple too as their products are to die for. I'm currently obsessed with their Boli Crackers. Furthermore, I like this area for storage and the fact that it's lovely and bright. The giant frame on the right is full of family pictures that I adore and it's backed with red fabric and Italian flag string that keeps to the bold red theme of the kitchen. 

One can never have too much pasta. We've been working up to making Grandad's homemade pasta, but in the meantime our houses are always fully stocked with pasta of every kind. Pasta is one of my go to meals to cook for family and friends. The colourful 'Roma' Amaretti tin I got for Christmas one year and it's where I store spaghetti. Yes, I picked that up from Nanna and Grandad too. The little jar is covered in Italy stickers, as it's my 'saving for Italy' jar. 

What products or gadgets are firm staples in your kitchen?  Do you have any family traditions that have been passed down? We would love to hear about them.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. seeing other people's kitchen are my fav. Great post!

    1. Thank you for reading. We love seeing other people's kitchen's too! :) xx

  2. I love all these Italian products! <3

    1. Our kitchens are full of them! We are very lucky!! :) xx