Portia MacIntosh, Summer Secrets at the Apple Blossom Deli, Cover Reveal!

So, this evening is rather exciting because we have another cover reveal to share with you. It just so happens to be for a brand new book from one of my favourite authors, Portia MacIntosh, which means it's extra special and fun!! It's completely different from her usual style, which adds to the excitement, as well as, my eagerness to read it!! Let's take a look...

 I present to you 'Summer Secrets At The Apple Blossom Deli.'


Allow me to share with you a few reasons why I am already in love with it...

1. It's freaking adorable!!!!!

2. It has a border of Blossoms, which a) makes me think of our Nanna and Grandad's cherry trees and b) is just fun because it's our name!

3. Our names in the title! :p 

4. Did I mention how freaking cute it looks?

5. There is cake!

6. It's Portia MacIntosh's NEW book!

Here's a little more about it: 

Single Mum Lily, is taking a leap and starting a new life, by moving to a small coastal town to open up a Deli. There's only one small problem. Nobody in the town wants the new Deli and they have already been protesting against it. So much for an idyllic new life by the sea!
Lily tries to make a go of her new adventure, but ends up facing angry farmers and a clique of local mums. That is until she meets a good looking farmer with a bad reputation, who takes her under his wing. Lily isn't looking for love, especially when she's hiding a secret from her past, that could threaten her new life, but could love blossom anyway?

Eeeeeekkkkk, I am so excited!!! It sounds like so much fun. I cannot wait to meet Lily and this handsome farmer. This sounds very different from Portia's other stories about Rockstars and bands, which just adds to my interest! 

'Summer Secrets At The Apple Blossom Deli,' is out on 1st May 2018. It's published by HQ Digital and you can pre-order it today!  

Happy Reading!

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