Book Review: It Takes Two: Our Story by Jonathan and Drew Scott.


Release Date: 5th September 2017
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Twitter: @MrDrewScott @MrSilverScott

Warning!!! This review is going to be built around positivity and me giving you a million (give or take) reasons why you should drop everything now and go and buy this book. You just have to trust me that you need to read it, and here's why:

Bullet points are mandatory because there are too many thoughts buzzing round my head right now. The quicker they are written down, the easier for you to read, I feel. 

  • Drew and Jonathan are amazing! 
  • It Takes Two is written in easy to follow chapters, with Drew and Jonathan each taking it in turns to write a chapter.
  • While one writes about the topic, the other annotates in the margins - this is hilarious and often made me laugh out loud - even at work on my lunch break, which meant I got to explain to my colleagues who Drew and Jonathan are. :) I could just see them both arguing and picking on each other. It's a great touch to the book.
  • They write like they are having a conversation with you, so it's so easy going and fun to read.
  •  It's incredibly motivating, reading about all the jobs they had and how they started running their own little business at 7 years old. Talk about inspiration, this book has it on every page!
  • Drew and Jonathan are so down to earth and real. They make you feel like you can achieve anything just like them. They don't come across as celebrities with huge egos, they sound like genuinely good people, which is something they pride themselves on.
  • They are all about family and friends, which is so touching. They seem to have a very strong foundation to which they've built their success, (see what I did there?...yeah you get it...I'm trying! ;p) which keeps them grounded and able to stay focused on what's truly important.
  • Their Dad sounds like an amazing man, who taught them so many fantastic life lessons. I loved the cowboy code and what it stands for.
  • They are both so funny. I love that they can make fun of themselves and each other. I definitely see how their personalities have shone from the TV screens and made them the stars that they are, because they practically shine from every page of this book too.
  • This book could be in the motivational section of the book store because it will literally make you want to get off your butt and start working on your goals and your dreams. If you already are, it will make you work at them 10 times harder. 
  • This book will make you think about being a good person and standing up for what you believe in - I literally had tears in my eyes reading the last chapter, before the after party, it was beautifully written and just perfect. Bravo Jonathan! 
  • Lastly, being a twin myself made reading Drew and Jonathan's story extra special. There are so many little things that made me happy because I can relate 100%. For example, they talk about being separated at school for a short period of time before their parents and teachers realised it wasn't a good idea, yes we've been there too. Then there's the way they always planned their future and worked together to make their individual dreams work for both of them, yep, all day every day. The real core twin things seem so subtle and may not stand out to everybody but to me it's like "hey I know that feeling" or "that's so funny because me and Lucy do that too." It's interesting because growing up we used to feel insecure when we felt like people would be staring at us. It wasn't until we actually stopped to think about it that we figured it was probably because we look the same, not because we were wearing a terrible outfit or had something stuck to our shoes. We got used to the standard twin questions and even had a few twins in our year at school. Being a twin is the norm for us, so we get on with it and never put too much thought into it. Only recently did we think the idea of wearing fun twin clothes or embracing our #twinning more would be pretty cool, because being a twin is a special thing. Reading this book made it more apparent that us twins are a rare breed and it's something to be proud of. I guess I never really thought of it so much before, and I'm probably not making sense, but it's the fact that I can sit here and smile because I've just read a book that I have truly resonated with, like I understand the banter and the growing up and the taking it in turns and the sharing your life with someone, because that's my life too. I've read autobiographies for years, but how many twin autobiographies have I read - none! This was a first and made me feel like I was reading a book about my kind. As crazy as I may sound, it made this book all the more wonderful.
I honestly cannot recommend it enough, for twins and non twins alike. It will make you laugh and cry and motivated and happy and all of the above all at once! Buy it now! 

Oh and for those of you who don't actually know Drew and Jonathan Scott aka The Property Brothers, have a look at their website

Happy Reading!

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