Here's to 30!!

This past Sunday we turned the big 3-0! We still feel young at heart and firmly believe in the age old adage of 'you're only as old as you feel'. We're not too worried about the number 30 and what it should or shouldn't mean, and we tried to brush off, quite quickly, any anxious thoughts about what we should, would or could have accomplished by this wonderful age, because, despite the hiccups and heartbreak along the way, life has treated us rather kindly.

Our journey so far has been awesome and one in which we are incredibly thankful for. From living in the USA, wrestling around the world, appearing on TV Shows like British Bootcamp and A League of Their Own, starting this blog, family adventures like Route 66, and family holidays to Italy and Portugal when we were younger, to simply having the best Grandparents any one could wish for, getting married, enjoying time with the most awesome siblings and parents on the planet and growing up in an era of Art Attack and playing outdoors, to crazy wrestling shenanigans in Louisville KY, meeting our childhood hero, Jeff Hardy, learning how to make Pastiera, pizza, pasta and numerous amazing recipes with our Grandad, to getting to know and spend time with our Nanna and Grandad Knott, seeing The Overtones, Grateful Dead and Jerry Seinfeld live, waking up each and every day for the past 4 years to the coolest husbands ever, meeting so many cool people and having countless road trips. Yes, it's safe to say our 30 years thus far have been pretty special! And that's only highlighting a few things.

Though we didn't feel too worried about turning 30, it did cause us to pause for a brief moment and look back, as is proof with the paragraph above. In doing so, we certainly feel we have learnt and grown a lot in recent years. We believe it's true what they say about becoming more you the older you get. We are natural worriers and over thinkers and though we tend to very much go after our dreams with all our hearts, quite often there has been a lot of fear. Turning 30 definitely bought with it a new sense of no fear and more of a 'just do it' kind of attitude, which is something we are really loving.

In looking to the future we wish to: continue reaching for our goals and working hard to make them a reality, enjoy every precious moment with our loved ones, be bold, challenge our fears and not overthink too much. We want to be kind to others, show support, encouragement and nothing but love.

We hope to continue to grow and learn something new everyday, and we look forward to the next 30 years! Here we are celebrating 30 with a family meal. We had an amazing weekend filled with family and food; re-visiting The Green Bollington, which is the cute cafe/restaurant, watching old childhood videos, hanging out chatting and just feeling extremely loved.

Here's a little peak at doing something I've (Lucy) always wanted to do and was so bold as to finally just do it last weekend...get my first tattoo! And a huge, huge thank you to everyone for all our sweet birthday wishes, messages, cards and gifts. We are surrounded my so many kind, thoughtful and incredible people and you all mean the world to us.

Do you enjoy celebrating your birthday? Do you have any birthday traditions?

Have an awesome day!


  1. Happy belated birthday girls! Looks like a lovely way to celebrate, and I still adore that tattoo :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Thank you so much Tania!! We had a really nice day! And thank you, that's so sweet, it's my favourite!! Now i want more! :p Hope you're well! Lucy xx

  2. Happy belated birthday ladies! I love your positive and grateful outlook. I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with a family meal :-)

    1. Aww thank you so much Nikki! We agree. Our family time is everything! <3 xx