Book Review: 'Finding Rhythm' by Lara Ward Cosio.

Release date: October 8th 2017
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 
Twitter: @laracosio

I currently just want to do a happy dance while holding this book in the air and waving it around, telling you to go and buy it...NOW!!
 I simply ADORE this Rogue series from Lara Ward Cosio, and after devouring the first three books in this series, I couldn't wait to read the fourth, 'Finding Rhythm'. In 'Finding Rhythm' we get to learn more about bassist Martin. Martin is the quiet one of the group. He's the one that keeps himself to himself, stays out of the media, hasn't had any crazy Rock star scandals and is married with three kids. But all is not what it seems in Martin's world. Though he loves his three boys, his marriage isn't quite as perfect as it may seem. And Martin isn't quite as simple and innocent as he may come across at times.

Martin's story is one of breaking free, stepping out of your comfort zone, standing up for yourself and, to put it ever so cleverly...finding your rhythm. I got lost in Martin's journey of searching for more and searching for what truly made him happy. I think it resonated with me too because in two weeks I will be turning thirty and I feel that there were moments in this book where Martin is trying to explore and really experience everything life has to offer, that connected with me. I was rooting for him to do what he wanted and not let people boss him around all the time.

I have to admit that at first I was sad and nervous for Martin when he started experiencing girls showing him attention. He changes his life around, changes up his style and starts hitting the gym, all because of one girls influence, and people start to notice. I loved that he did all this, but at the same time I really didn't want him to cheat on his wife. I think Lara is amazing though because she has created such wonderful characters in the boys of Rogue and she knew how to pull at my heart strings with Martin. Not to justify his actions at all, but I liked that he wasn't malicious and that he regretted certain actions and media controversy that he caused, but I also had so much sympathy for him with why it happened. Oh life, right and wrong is not always so easy.

When we step into the behind the scenes of Martin's married life, I found it a little heartbreaking. I didn't very much care for his wife and how she treated him. Again not to say I condone what he did (Yes, you need to read this book to know what he did,) but I was smiling from ear to ear when he told people what he wanted and didn't back down. Marriage is about learning about each other, doing things together, loving each other and supporting each other and I absolutely wanted this for Martin. Does he get this in the end? Buy the book to find out!!! :)

Another reason for my loving this book is that we get to revisit to rest of Rogue; Gavin, Conor and Shay, and see where they are up to in their lives. Honestly there is never a dull moment with these boys and I love, love, love the adventure, the friendship, the music, the emotion and the sexiness of them all. It always takes me a few days to realize that these boys are not real, insert sad faced emoji. I kid you not, I feel like I know them.

Furthermore, we get to travel around the world with Martin in this book as Rogue Tour, he goes back home to Ireland, visits Shay in San Francisco and they have a group holiday in LA. Lara transports you to these destinations so vividly and you know that makes me especially happy in the case of San Francisco. I was packing my bags and ready to go and spend time with Shay and Jessica too.

This series is awesome and I highly, highly recommend it. It's passion, it love, it's heartache, it's new beginnings, mixed with mistakes and regret. It's roller coaster rides, adventures, music and crazy scandals. It will keep you hooked with every page of sex, drama, rock n roll and pure heart.

I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of 'Finding Rhythm' today! 

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Happy Reading.


  1. Ahhh I will put this on my to read list :)

    xx Lisa |

    1. You will love it. It's such an incredible series! :) xx