Book Review: A Warriner to Tempt Her by Virginia Heath.

Release Date: 25th January 2018.
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Twitter: @VirginiaHeath_

After finishing 'A Warriner to Tempt Her,' I have to say that I'm scared, why? Because that means there is only one Warriner brother left to read about, which makes me both excited and sad. What will I do without my Wild Warriners once this series is over?

Alas I shouldn't work myself up just yet, as like I said, I do still have Jacob's story to look forward to and I cannot wait for it! First, let me tell you all about Joseph, who may just be my favourite of the Warriner men. *GASP* I know, "How can you possibly pick one?" I hear you shout. Truth be told, I can't, not really, especially since I don't know everything about the youngest of the brothers yet. All I do know for certain, is that Dr Joseph Warriner completely swept me off my feet in 'A Warriner to Tempt Her...'

Lady Isabella Beaumont, isn't like the other ladies in society, she's not into the parties and talking about ribbons and gossip. Her first love is medicine and looking after people. When she meets Dr Joseph Warriner, she's amazed by all he can teach her and how comfortable and safe she feels around him, especially since 'The Incident.' Working alongside him helps Isabella feel like her old self, despite the walls she has built up in her mind. Can she learn to trust him completely and knock down those walls, whilst doing what she loves under Joe's guidance? 

Excuse me while I swoon over here! Dr Joseph Warriner was amazing. So devoted to his work, kind, gentle and absolutely gorgeous. Glasses or no glasses, actually particularly in glasses as far as Lady Isabella is concerned! I loved how he didn't concern himself with the way society treated women, therefore taught Isabella and let her work with him. All he cared about was how smart she was and how passionate she was about medicine. It didn't matter a jot what sex she was. The chemistry between Joe and Isabella was electric but the relationship they built was slow and steady which I really enjoyed. Lady Isabella was dealing with a lot mentally after The Incident which Joe completely understood, once he knew what had happened to her. It was utterly charming the way he didn't push her or treat her differently, rather he talked to her and wanted her to do what was best for her. His words and actions were so caring and sincere. *Sigh*

I felt so much for Lady Isabella. She had been through such an ordeal and yet all she wanted to do was help others. I admired her brain and her interest in medicine, she was a really refreshing character to read about. I found myself intrigued by what she was learning and amazed by how back in her time, it wasn't as simple as taking two paracetamol every four hours. They were experimenting and figuring out what was going to cure people. It's just remarkable! Over Christmas when my Nanna wasn't feeling too good, I kept giving her honey, as that's what Joe and Isabella found soothed patients! You learn something new everyday - I just love it! 

One of my favourite things about the Wild Warriners series, is the brothers themselves...well obviously, but I still felt like stating that. It's the way they are so involved in each others lives but also know when to give each other space. They have each others backs through thick and thin. It's so easy to feel their brotherly bond and connection, that the stories just warm my heart.

I really don't think I need to persuade you to pick up this series...tell me if I do though, because I could write a very long list, if push came to shove, about why you should most definitely read them. The first two books in the series are currently on my Mum's reading pile. I only told her a brief description about the books after i'd read Jack's story and she's been asking about them for months. Santa did good this year and I can't wait for her to start them.

Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm trying to start reading more and I'll definitely add this series to my list Xx

    1. Yay! You will love it! :) Thank you for reading!