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One of my goals for 2018 is to be more bold with my fashion choices. Come to think of it, I feel like this has been a goal of mine for the past few years. I love fashion, but be it money, insecurities, or  laziness, I often just keep it simple and throw my visions to the wayside.

I've mentioned on this blog before that my wardrobe is very minimal. When I buy new things I like to giveaway, take to charity shops or goodwill, my old things. Furthermore, there are times when the fashion bloggers I love, well, their budget is a little out of my reach, and when it comes down to it I'm a food shopper through and through and going clothes shopping can often get me down.

However, I do love a good online shopping day. I think it's the imagery and being able to see the clothes on a person, and the possibilities of what an outfit could be, that help me and make it fun. I thoroughly enjoy scouring ASOS for pretty pieces and outfit ideas, and over Christmas I did actually make one or two purchases when the sales hit. Oversized jumpers are my thing right now and I couldn't resist these gorgeous bits; Miss Selfridge Pink Knit and Asos red oversized jumper.  I love these jumpers because, for me, I threw my fears of oversized jumpers not suiting me out the window and bought them anyway. It turns out I love them on and I feel confident and happy in them.

I know there will be times when clothes really might not suit my shape, figure, hair colour, eye colour, or whatever it is magazines and media might tell us, and i'll probably make some fashion faux pas because of this, but I want to take that chance and ignore my insecurities this year and just wear what I want to wear. My loves basket on ASOS is quite the mix. I don't seem to have one style or look I go for. At the moment there's a mix of floral patterns, bold prints, bomber jackets, more neutral oversized jumpers, silver heeled boots and shiny jumpsuits. If I like it, I like it. Now, I just need to wear it.

What pieces are you loving right now? Are you confident with fashion?

Pictures from google images/pinterest.

Style Inspiration! 

One of the reasons I have been feeling excited to purchase new pieces lately is my love of Harry Styles. He is my style icon at the moment. Literally every picture I have seen of him over the past couple of months I am obsessed with his outfit choice. I don't think there is a suit of his that I haven't loved or a casual ensemble I haven't envied. I want his wardrobe.

harry style -one direction-
Pictures from google images/pinterest.

I'm a few years behind with the pictures above (I didn't see a lot of One Direction in America, with not listening to the radio, not having cable or reading gossip mags and such, they disappeared off our radar for a bit,) But, the prints, the hair, the shirts, the fit, I just LOVE everything about Harry's style. He makes me want to shop and revamp by closet. Do you ever just look at beautiful imagery and feel beyond inspired? Well I feel like every picture of Harry is like this beautiful image and I get this surge of creativity and inspiration.

With that being said, here are some of the pieces on my current wishlist:

Floral Jumpsuit. I have a thing for jumpsuits and love this print.

Floral bomber jacket. This reminds me of one of Harry's suits.

Bershka striped trousers.  I came across Bershka when Fedez colaborated with them and I'm really liking their stuff. I love these pants! I actually have a black wide leg pair from Kohls with a white and gold stripe that I adore and need to wear.

Milan Sweatshirt. Of course, it's Italy, what can I say? I feel this is very Fedez and Chiara.

Pink velvet trousers. I saw these in Topshop this past weekend and fell in love. It's been a while since I loved anything in Topshop, so I got quite excited. I really want to put an outfit together for Harry Styles show in April and these are calling my name. What do you think?

Do you have a style icon or inspiration?

Happy shopping!


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