Book review: Christmas at The Dancing Duck by Daisy James.

Release Date: 23rd October 2017
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @daisyjamesbooks

Ok, so please forgive me that Christmas has been and gone and I am just getting round to writing a review of this delightful Christmassy read, but I have to say that this book is still one you can pick up today and thoroughly enjoy. And hey, it's fine if it makes you want to start the Christmas countdown a little whole lot early, there's nothing like a little Christmas spirit. 

In 'Christmas at The Dancing Duck', Daisy James transports us to the idyllic Village of Cranbury, home of the aforementioned 'Dancing Duck' and our leading lady, Kirstie Harrison. Kirstie is a TV cookery host in London and all is going rather well in her life, despite the fact that it's Christmas, and after a family tragedy when she was younger, she is not all fond of Christmas. She hates all the flavours, scents and treats this time of year brings with it, but of course, she puts on a brave face for the viewers at home and does her best to swallow the mince pies and savor the smell of mulled wine.

Kirstie is determined to get through her festive show and be a professional, that is until disaster strikes when she doesn't realize her microphone is still rolling and she shares her dislike for Christmas with the world. Management decide Kirstie is not the right girl for the job and so she ends up heading back to Cranbury for the holidays to help her sister with the sale of their childhood home, 'The Dancing Duck'.

The cast of characters in Cranbury made me smile so much. From Kirstie's old flame Josh, to her sister Olivia and her husband, Harry, to Leon and Michel and Emma and Rachel, everyone was kind, caring and just really cool. I loved them all individually and then how they gelled together. In addition, Cranbury simply had this wonderful homey, cozy vibe that I loved. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to travel home with Kirstie and learn about who she was away from the business of London and her TV job. It's heartbreaking to find out her reasons behind hating Christmas, but it's lovely to be on her journey of closure and happiness with her.

The Dancing Duck itself was all that you'd want in a village pub. It always makes me happy the idea of family working together and making their establishment so unique and a staple of the community. The way everyone worked together and cared about the pub was touching, and I often laughed at the descriptions of the decor and bits and pieces that Kirstie's Mum and Dad had collected over the years. Furthermore, I love a good Christmas bake off and fair. It was so much fun to read about the gingerbread contest and wreath making and seeing how all the villagers came together for these festive events. It truly sucked you in and made you feel apart of it too.

I really adored Kirstie and felt for her in her moments of heartbreak and in her moments of turmoil and trying to do the right thing. Her independence was inspiring to me and I loved that she worked her butt off and had followed her dreams with her show. On the other hand, it was nice to see her go home and reconnect with the people that loved her and knew her. Josh was simply lovely and with their history and all they had been through together, my romantic and soppy heart, was rooting for them all the way. Josh really is that gorgeous and I think him and Kirstie made for a great pairing.

If your looking for a heartwarming, wintery, foodie and romantic read then I highly recommend you pick up a copy of 'The Dancing Duck' today. :)

Happy Reading

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