Book Review: The Captain's Disgraced Lady by Catherine Tinley.

Release Date: 28th December 2017
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Twitter: @CatherineTinley

In my quest to read all books by the ladies in The Unlaced Ladies book-club, I was so happy to be asked to be a part of the blog tour for this lovely book by Catherine Tinley. I just adore regency/historical/medieval romance and the nine admin ladies in this club just keep spoiling me with them! Aren't I a very lucky girl indeed!?

When Juliana Milford first meets Captain Harry Fanton, she's shocked at how rude he is and how easy she is angered by him. Juliana conscious of how a young lady should act, just can't help but give as good as she gets, which only makes her more annoyed by him. Who does he think he is? She'd be happy to never lay eyes on him again! Unfortunately for Juliana her trip to see her best friend in England has more than a few surprises in store for her and being close to the Captain is one of them. How will she feel when she gets to know Harry more? Could first impressions not be all that they first appear?

Juliana was a feisty one! She didn't like anyone belittling her or making her feel small, after seeing her Mother being treated poorly in the past, this made her very strong willed and determined. Very fine qualities to have, if you ask me. Her outbursts and smart replies were very entertaining, especially with Harry. At first I wasn't sure if they would be able to redeem themselves with each other, but I'm happy that they did. I liked that they both became friends first and learnt about each other before fully understanding how they really felt about each other. It wasn't a big steamy romance, that was all about lust. They both grew to really care for and want to protect each other which was beautiful to see. 

As well as the blossoming relationship between Harry and Juliana, there was also the heartwarming relationship between Mother and Daughter, that kept me turning the page. As an only child, who's Dad died in the war, Juliana is the only one left to care for her Mother. She stands up for her and makes sure she is well taken care of, never wanting to be away from her side for too long. When Juliana learns things about herself that she never knew, that could jeopardize her place in society and her friendships, it was heartbreaking to me, that even though she wanted answers, she still couldn't be mad at her Mother and still wouldn't let anyone talk down to her. Her loyalty and love for her Mum seemed to outshine her fears and sadness, which was incredibly strong of her. Juliana was a fabulous leading lady, not to mention, she had quite the dashing leading man to accompany her too! 

I really, really enjoyed 'The Captain's Disgraced Lady.' It felt like a very sweet love story, that had it's ups and downs but the underlying message was all about love and how if you truly love someone with all of your heart, you will do anything to protect them and make sure they are well. And the last line nearly made me cry!!! I highly recommend it. 

Happy Reading!


  1. Sounds like another good read! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you for reading! Enjoy the book, if you pick up a copy! :)