Book Review: Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair by Heidi Swain.

Release Date: 5th October 2017
Publisher: Simon and Schuster UK
Twitter: @Heidi_Swain

I have been chatting to Heidi Swain on Twitter for a little while and yet this is the first wonderful book of hers that I have read. With blog tours, reviews scheduled and a seemingly never ending TBR pile, I just hadn't had chance to pick one up. Alas, it's the holidays and when I saw this in Sainsburys I knew I had to grab it and that it would be perfect for snuggling up next to my Christmas tree with. Was I right or was I right?

I was totally 100% right. "Sleigh Bells and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair," is absolutely perfect for the holidays. It has everything you could want for a cozy Christmas read. 

Anna actively avoids all things Christmas. She tries her best to work every day during the holiday season so that she has no time to stop and think. So when a job comes up in a remote country house on the outskirts of Wynbridge and Anna has double checked that Christmas celebrations will be minimal, she takes it. A quiet Christmas in the country, taking care of a lady who is recovering from knee surgery is definitely something Anna can do. However, as soon as Anna arrives at Wynthorpe Hall and meets the owners Angus and Catherine, she senses that there's more to the hall and it's inhabitants than meets the eye. She's soon swept up in crazy family dramas, bonding with the staff and discovering there may be a little magic in the Wynbridge air. When Angus and Catherine's son makes a much anticipated return home, Anna's professional, scrooge persona is at risk of crumbling. Could it be about time to welcome Christmas and romance back into her life? All signs at Wynthorpe Hall point to yes!

I'm pretty sure if I turned up at Wynthorpe Hall, I wouldn't want to leave. It certainly sounded magical. Angus and Catherine were wonderful, both so warm and welcoming. I adored that the town knew that they always had a Christmas recruit who they felt needed Wynthorpe Hall more than Wythorpe Hall needed them. It was ever so sweet and kind the way they treated their staff like family and wanted to give them a place to call home. I was completely swept up into the daily routine and goings on in the hall, that I felt like I could have been part of the family too. 

I loved Anna. I admired her determination to get through the holiday season and how she worked and made a life for herself after everything that had happened to her. Her professional demeanor and fierce independence was something I felt inspired by, but at the same time, I have to admit to enjoying watching her start to like the Christmas festivities, dress down and relax into the family atmosphere. When Jamie came a long, I couldn't help but smile at their flirting, or more specifically Jamie's shameful flirting - he was so funny and the chemistry between him and Anna sparkled. Their Christmas deal couldn't have been more perfect to help them both move forward with their lives and to also get to know each other more. I loved them together. 

The whole cast at Wynthorpe Hall was amazing. I couldn't wait to get home from work to curl up in bed with this delightful story. Add to the fact that the cover is so incredibly beautiful that I loved picking it up just to look at it. "Sleigh Bells and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair," is fun, festive, warm, loving and super Christmassy, I just know you will love it. It's definitely not going to be the last Heidi Swain book I read! :) 

Happy Reading!


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