Book Review: The Season For Love by M.W.Arnold.

Release Date: 16th December 2017
Publisher: PIP Publishing
Twitter: @Mick859

Thank you Rachel Gilbey for setting me up on M.W. Arnold's blog tour and for an advanced copy of The Season For Love. If you're an avid book reviewer and reader check out Rachel's Random Resources.

In 'The Season For Love' we meet Chrissie, who is struggling to come to terms with her husbands death. It's been eighteen months but she still feels guilty about what happened, which has led her to become a shell of her former self. She's pushed away her family and friends, so much so, she doesn't even notice what important things are going on in their lives. Then a rather embarrassing encounter with a man at the supermarket suddenly gives her someone she feels like she can open up to. She feels a connection to Josh Morgan and when she meets his daughter Lizzy, she senses they might be closer than she thinks. 

I really felt for Chrissie. Having suffered a loss myself this year, I know all to well how heartbreaking it is and how the devastation of losing someone you love so much can hit you at any time, any place. I understood her need for writing things down, even though sometimes I didn't want her to get so attached to her diary and talking to her husband that she didn't notice what she still had. She'd become so closed off and it made me sad. In some areas it was hard to read because I felt like she was living in another world, she seemed almost delirious like she was acting like her husband was still alive.when writing to him. Little things like that threw me off a little bit and were harder to relate to, even though I could understand her pain. 

I liked that Chrissie had a lot of support from her sister and her friends and that they stuck by her, no matter how long it was taking for her to come to terms with her loss. Her sister especially was very sweet; always being by her side and not wanting to leave her alone. This made me smile. Josh and Lizzy were funny too, Lizzy's matter of fact ten year old way with words was cute and her and Josh's relationship was heartwarming to read. They clearly loved each other very much. It was lovely when Chrissie finally found that she could confide in someone like Josh and in a way special the way things all turned out for her. 

If you are looking for an interesting read, that will keep you guessing as to what's coming, then you may just want to pick up 'The Season For Love.' 

Happy Reading.

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