Book Review: Falling for Mr Wright by Robyn Neeley.

Release Date: 4th December 2017
Publisher: Entangled: Lovestruck
Twitter: @RobynNeeley

I have to say a big thank you to Robyn Neeley for getting in touch and sending me this book. I had a feeling I would enjoy it and enjoy it I most certainly did! 

I'm going to be naughty and do something I don't usual do and that's use the blurb from amazon, the reason for this is that this morning before sitting down to write this here review, I re-read this blurb and it gave me that fuzzy, happy book feeling, the one that looks a little something like this...

We all get it; when a book just makes you happy from the inside out and being reminded of the characters and their story just brings a smile to your face. Ryan and Sarah's definitely did for me.

After being dumped two weeks before his wedding, civil engineer Ryan Wright’s not interested in love. Been there, done that, had the wedding deposits to prove it. Still, he can’t help lusting after the fiery redheaded executive assistant who’s stirring up feelings that aren’t exactly appropriate for the office.
Sarah Leonard is determined to make the CEO fall in love with her. To execute her plan, she’s going to need a little help in the form of her lunch buddy, the 6’2” office hottie who just so happens to be their boss’s best friend. Who better to tell Sarah everything she needs to know to win the other man’s heart?
Ryan agrees to help Sarah put her plan in motion, but he has no intention of helping her win anything. In fact, it’s time to show his office crush that he’s the guy she should be falling for...

Sarah was everything that I often feel like I would love to have been in another life or in my head. She has a good office job and is confident, sexy, independent and stylish to go with it. She's also funny and down to earth. However, while she may be able to dress the part and look good doing so, she's also not like the other girls in the office, which is why her and Ryan make great friends. She's not falling for his charms like everyone else...well, not yet! She's able to hang out and relax around him, which is probably why Ryan ends up falling for her! Personally, I fell for Ryan straight away, I know, I know, typical but what can I say? He's pretty dreamy. He made me swoon and laugh. He was romantic and he always bought his sister's baked goods into work to share with Sarah, I mean come on!!??? How is that not perfection? To add the icing on the cake, I'm just going to say it... he's also HOT! 

"Falling for Mr Wright." made me giggle, smile and keep turning the pages. It's fun, flirty and such a laid back, feelgood read, that it's a must for over Christmas, when you just want to relax and put your feet up, with hot drinks and chocolate. I highly, highly recommend it and once again thank you Robyn for sending it to me. 

Happy Reading!