Book Review: Till Death Do Us Part by Eliza Daly.

Release Date: 16th October 2017
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Twitter: @ElizasBooks

As is becoming the norm, every time I log into Netgalley to share a book review, I always end up downloading more books, no matter how big my TBR pile is. What can I say? There is always one that catches my eye. Case in point, this book by Eliza Daly. I have raved about Eliza's 'The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw' series on numerous occasions, of which she writes under the name Eliza Watson. As Eliza Daly she writes for Crimson Romance and her books are a little more sexy and romantic. 

Cassidy Baldwin was the best wedding planner in Milwaukee, until the company she worked for used her as the scapegoat for a corporate scandal. Now she's stuck organizing over the top funerals for her best friend's family business. If she has to plan one more beer filled football party, she may just go crazy, but then the city's most eccentric philanthropist dies and while making sure everything is running smoothly at her funeral, Cassidy suddenly finds herself hired to fulfill the lady's dying wish: find her playboy nephew Ryan Mitchell a wife. 

Ryan can't believe that his Aunt would throw him in the spotlight like this, when she knew that he prefers to stay out of it, but if he doesn't fulfill this wish, there is much more on the line than his pride. He can always get a divorce anyway, so he may as well just get it over and done with, but he's going to need some help. When he meets Cassidy and offers her money to help him, she's all too eager to take it. What is it with women and only wanting him for his money? Cassidy can't believe how unromantic and money hungry Ryan is, wanting to getting married as quick as possible so he can get his hands on his inheritance. Is it really all about the money or have Ryan and Cassidy got each other all mixed up? And what will happen when every girl Ryan meets doesn't match up to the one that's doing the matchmaking? Pick up 'Till Death Do Us Part' to find out!!

This was such a fun, unique read from Eliza! I cannot wait to read more from her as Eliza Daly. It was quirky, lighthearted and totally entertaining. All of the characters were so lovable that it made my 8 hour flight from England to America go by super quick. I couldn't put it down the whole way!

I felt like Ryan was very straight forward, he didn't take any nonsense yet underneath his 'playboy' demeanor he seemed like a normal guy, doing whatever it took to protect his family and those he loved. I fell for the Ryan away from the public eye. He was sexy, sweet and once he'd made his mind up on something - like his feelings for Cassidy - he didn't mess around. Such a great quality in a guy, don't you think? Cassidy herself was really cool. She was determined to get her life back on track and work hard to do so, I really respected that about her. Besides Ryan and Cassidy, there were a group of characters that seemed to steal the spotlight and they were the employees in Ryan's Aunts Mansion. They were crazy and completely odd but their hearts were in the right place. They offered so much humour to the book, as well as, gave it a wonderful family feel. They were brilliant.

I highly recommend 'Till Death Do Us Part' for an amusing read that will keep you engaged from start to finish! 

Happy Reading!

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