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We love Italian TV for many reasons, one being that you can guarantee, without a shadow of a doubt, that the majority of their adverts will be about food. Who doesn't enjoy watching elegant women in red dresses dancing with packets of Spaghetti, or seeing three different types of mouthwatering Kinder treats being so lovingly eaten by cute TV families, in between watching their favourite show? Just the thought of these adverts is making us want to jump on a plane to Italy right now. No one does food like the Italians. We really need a TV show where we travel the regions of Italy eating!!! Someone...anyone...can you please make this happen?? ;)

Until our new 'Foodie's Eat their way through Italy' show warms millions of hearts around the world, we will happily stick with the comforts of Nanna and Grandad's house and the many, many delightful treats and snacks awaiting us in their cupboards. Here are a few of our favourites, that we have been munching on non stop since we got back to the UK, and highly recommend you try...

1. Balconi cakes and snack bars. They come in all different flavours but our favourite, if we really, and we mean really had to pick, are the Snack a Latte bars. (The blue wrapper above) They are pure perfection! All their cakes are light and fluffy, like little pillows, with the just the right amount of creamy filling and sponge. Our husbands think they taste like they have alcohol in them but we're pretty sure they don't, as they are great for kids and utterly delicious for adults a like. Their taste is like no other, not too sweet, just divine. 

2. Crosta and Mollica tarrallini with prosciutto. Since we did our first giveaway with Crosta and Mollica, they have been a firm staple in ours and our Nanna and Grandad's houses. The fact that their products are made in Italy means they taste exactly like the ones we used to have to get our Aunties to send us, but now we can just pop to Tesco. They are Nanna and Grandad approved, so what more can we say? Grandad's face when we showed him the box of Italian goodies we got, when we were working with them, was priceless and for that we are forever indebted to Crosta and Mollica. They made a 91 year old man and his granddaughters very happy. Eating these bite sized morsels with proscuitto makes for a delicious afternoon snack, but in all honesty, we can simply eat a whole packet on their own, while watching TV with mum!


3. Italiamo Cantuccini. We are yet to discover the answer to the question we have been asking for years: How many biscottis are too many biscottis? We will sit and munch on these all afternoon, while chatting to Nanna with a cup of tea. So simple and yet so incredibly delicious - that's the Italian way and the Italiamo brand is our number one! 

4. Doriano's crackers. These delightful little crackers are so creamy and scrumptious. With a little bit of butter and cheese they make for a brilliant afternoon snack. Sometimes we just eat them with a light spread of butter, mmm. Of course, with some prosciutto or mozzarella they are extra yummy, but if you just want something super simple, a little packet of them - they come in packets of four - will be sure to curb your hunger till dinner time.

There you have our favourite, ride or die, Italian snacks. Have you had any of these products before? What is your favourite snack?

Hope you all have a lovely day!

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