Loving the sound..,

When we were in our teens, music played a huge part in our lives. We bought singles and albums like there was no tomorrow and played them non stop. We followed our favourite bands on every TV show, in every magazine and used our precious internet time to copy and paste pictures to make files and band scrapbooks.

These days, while we do tend to like something and stick with it - like say... playing the Walking on Sunshine soundtrack everyday for 6 months straight, and we mean EVERY day, just ask our husbands - we don't tend to know what's going on currently in the music world. Plus, with being in America without cable the last few years, 9 times out of 10 we will have heard a song on numerous occasions but never actually have known who the artist was until we saw their music videos on TV back home in England.

In an attempt to break out of this cycle, on the last few plane rides to and from the U.S we have chosen to listen to music for a couple of hours rather than jump straight to the movies or our books. We have also been introduced to musicians that we had never heard of or listened to before, thanks to watching The Voice U.S with Mama O (Lucy's Mother in Law) We love watching so many talented singers and musicians guide equally talented young men and women and just sing. Music is so beautiful and so powerful, which is why we thought we would make a list of some of the people and bands we have started to pay a bit more attention to, in addition to the people that we love so much that we will make the effort to put their C-D's in our C-D players or actually download their songs.


1. The Overtones. I couldn't write this list without mentioning them first because I adore them and since my teen years, they are the only band to which I own their albums. They are incredible.

2. Jennifer Hudson. Our little sister watches Dream Girls every time it's on and it wasn't until recently that I actually watched all of it with her. Jennifer Hudson is absolutely marvelous in it. There really are no words to describe her voice. Watching The Voice is further proof of her talent, plus she's hilarious too.

3. Little Mix. The songs that I've heard have always been quite catchy but I've never listened to more than what's in the charts. On our last plane trip I listened to their album DNA and enjoyed quite a few of their songs. I like that behind the glitz and glamour, these are 4 women with great voices.


1: Fedez. I currently have his album Comunisti col Rolex on repeat in my C-D player, thanks to my 72 year old Zia Giuseppina, who sent it me from Italy, because she is the coolest. I love every song! L'Italia Per Me being one of my new favourites.

2: Johnny Cash. Chris introduced me to many of Johnny Cash's songs a long time ago and I adore him. I listened to him live at San Quentin on a recent plane trip and there is truly no-one like him. He's brilliant and one of my all time favourites.

3: Miley Cyrus. I have to admit guys, I struggled with Miley for a while but she's drawn me back in and I respect her more wild side and understand it's all apart of growing up. Plus, I love her voice and am really liking her new music.

4: Colter Wall: Another artist Chris introduced me too and who I have found myself wanting to listen to all the time lately. His voice is beautiful, incredible and like no one you have ever heard and it soothes me. I feel calm when I'm listening to him and simply get lost in his voice and guitar.

Is there an artist you are currently loving? Do you have a go to album or an artist you just recently fell in love with?

Have a wonderful day.


  1. I need to check Fedez, my best friend told me about him but I haven't heard his songs yet!


    1. Aww he's awesome. We love pretty much every one of his songs! :) Definitely check him out! And if you have a favourite song, let us know! :) Lucy xx