Book Review: Christmas at Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett


Release Date: 6th October 2017
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @sarahlou_writes

All aboard the mini bus heading to Butterfly Cove this Christmas. Who's with me?? The answer will be all of you, once you've read this enchanting book by Sarah Bennett. This is the last book in her charming Butterfly Cove series and what a brilliant series it's been! 

'Christmas at Butterfly Cove' is the youngest of the Sutherland sisters story. When artist Nee returned home in the Summer for her big sister's wedding, she knew it wouldn't be long until she bumped into her husband. Not knowing how to explain her actions one year ago, she only made matters worse. Now she's back in Butterfly Cove for Christmas, she knows she can't stay away from Luke Spenser indefinitely, but how can she possibly tell him the real reasons for her running away after they got married, especially when her reasons ended up being a total disaster? He deserves so much more than she can offer. The only catch is, the spark between them is still there, they both know it, even if they're a little nervous about the ice cracking beneath them again. Can Christmas at the Cove, give them the best Christmas present of all and let them mend the broken pieces of their past?

Seriously guys, mini bus to Butterfly Cove like yesterday!!?? ;p The place is a haven not just for artists and serious tea drinkers, but for anyone who wants to be swept away by the glorious family atmosphere and be welcomed among the fold of the Cove's delightful inhabitants. Butterfly house is pure magic. A place with a room for everyone, a never ending pot of tea or slice of cake waiting for anyone who wants one and people who will have your back and make you feel like you're home, from the moment you step through the kitchen door! 

I had already grown to love Luke after reading the first two books in the series but in this book, we obviously got to know him a lot more. I found him so endearing because I could picture him as typically good looking with that boyish charm, yet not aware of it, unless he was making Nee laugh. He wasn't cocky or all about his looks, which made him even more attractive, if that's even possible! As for Nee, I knew she was quirky and so sweet at heart, that I wanted nothing more than to see her get her passion back. It broke my heart that she had suffered and that she was lost but I also wanted her to prove to Luke that she was going to be there for him. I couldn't let her get away too easily with walking out on him. Their relationship was loving, as well as fun and flirty. I'm definitely glad I got to read their story. 

Of course, with this being the last book in the series, Sarah Bennett gave more than enough satisfying details on the other Sutherland sisters and their lives. Both Mia and Kiki are settled and have new beginnings to look forward too and Daniel and Aaron are also on cloud nine with all that is going on in their lives. In fact, the whole family come together in one grand, joyful celebration, that is enough to thaw even the coldest of hearts. 

If you are well and truly in the mood for some festive cheer, then 'Christmas at Butterfly Cove,' comes highly recommended. Don't forget to pick up 'Sunrise at Butterfly Cove' and 'Wedding Bells at Butterfly Cove' for the full heartwarming affect of being surrounded by The Sutherland Sisters and Family!

Happy Reading!

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