Book Review: Chasing Christmas Eve by Jill Shalvis.

Release date: 26th September 2017
Publisher: Headline Eternal
Twitter: @JillShalvis

Whenever I'm in the mood to disappear in a sexy, romantic and heartwarming story, I know I can turn to Jill Shalvis. Her books have the ability to make me shut everything out and get lost in a cloud of humor, heart and naughtiness.

I hadn't read a Jill Shalvis book in a while, due to my TBR pile getting higher and higher and me struggling to keep up. But there I was one day walking the book isle in Target and I couldn't resist. I saw this gorgeous book, 'Chasing Christmas Eve'  looking all sparkly and cute on the shelf, I popped it in my basket and then proceeded to read it in two days. And it was just what I needed.

Colbie Albright is a writer whose bestselling fantasy series is about to hit the big screen. You'd think this would be cause for celebrations but she has had enough. She has had enough of her demanding family, her demanding agent and the demanding media, she needs a break. And so, she fleas her home in New York and heads to San Francisco. All she wants is to have some space so she can feel inspired and have some time to do what she loves...write.

Spence Baldwin is a technical engineer. He's smart, sexy, bad at relationships and a complete workaholic. He has a hard time letting anyone in and likes to stay in the confines of his close knit friendship group. He might be San Francisco's most eligible bachelor but he's not buying into the fame or countless marriage offers. He has work to do and isn't looking for any kind of distraction. That is until distraction comes in the form of beautiful, quirky and sweet Colbie, who he manages to get knocked into a water fountain when the dog he's walking goes wild. He can't possibly leave this girl in the middle of a cold San Francisco day, wet and frightened, he must help her and see to it that she's OK.

Oh how I adored Colbie. She was simply perfect. I loved her right from the first chapter. She had a vulnerability to her yet she was extremely smart and bold and confident. There were parts of her life that made you want to stand up for her as she has this personality that draws you to her and has you rooting for her to control her life and make it what she wants. The love and care she has for everyone is super endearing yet heartbreaking when you see how parts of it have damaged her and caused her to shut herself off from creating a life of her own and putting herself first. When she begins to find her happy in San Francisco, you feel it bounce off the page. Her energy around Spence and her excitement for writing all just made me adore her. I loved her demeanor and how she came alive in San Francisco, wanting to experience everything and seeing everything with wide bright eyes. San Francisco being at the top of my 'Want to Visit' list, I connected with her, especially when she found her favourite spots to write too, I wanted to be sitting next to her doing just the same.

OK, yes, I have to admit, the nerdy, glasses wearing, smart, science guy reeled me in. Spence was a dream. Honestly though, it wasn't just him being hot as hell that got me, I loved how sweet he was with Colbie. I adored how much he loved being around her and how he wanted to look after her and give her everything. Furthermore, I enjoyed being a part of his learning and finding the balance between family and work. I admired his work ethic but loved when he found himself spending more and more time with Colbie. Also, his friendship group was a pretty awesome. The banter he had with Elle and Caleb and Joe made me laugh out loud and I so wanted to be part of the gang.

This book really has everything. Colbie and Spence had me hooked. I did not want to put the book down and well, I actually didn't. It was such a lovely and captivating read and made me feel all fuzzy inside. Another thing that made me happy was that, while yes, Colbie and Spence had their burdens and problems, it wasn't hugely dramatic. They didn't keep things from each other for too long, they accepted each other and who they were and they didn't argue much. Colbie told him when she was mad and he talked to her and admitted his faults when he knew he had messed up. I like when writers do this. I like that when two people are meant to be with each other that they overcome the obstacles without too much hesitation because they themselves know it's meant to be. That is always very magical to me, like you can feel that emotion. You know life isn't always perfect and you know people make mistakes but none of it matters when you find your person. You will get through it because you want to. I liked that Colbie and Spence fought for that. I also really, really enjoyed the family aspects of this book and how our main characters both had things to learn from their families. They grew up very different to each other, with Spence's parents never wanting anything from him and Colbie's Mum and brothers relying on her for everything. It was a beautiful moment at the end when Colbie was able to connect with her family on a new level and learn from Spence. It was nice to see Spence and his Grandfather get a bit of closure too.

I now need to go back and read the first few books in this series! If you're looking for some steamy romance with heart, humor and wonderful characters, look no further than Chasing Christmas Eve and pick up your copy today!

Happy Reading.

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