Book Review: Christmas at Mistletoe Cove by Holly Martin

Release Date: 22nd September 2017
Publisher: Bookouture
Twitter: @HollyMAuthor

It just wouldn't be Christmas without a wonderfully festive, romantic read from Holly Martin. We know we've said this before, but it's true, so we feel like it's only fair to say it again. Holly is brilliant at bringing cozy, quaint, magical villages to life at Christmas time, so much so, that you will wish you could visit them, or even live there yourself, in wintry wonderland bliss.  

Cafe owner Eden Lancaster always believed in fairy-tales and magic, that was until her one true love left her for New York twelve years ago. It wasn't a case of moving on and forgetting about him because he also happens to be her very best friend, who often visits her and her brother and sister in Hope Island, causing more heartbreak each and every time he comes and goes. Dougie Harrison has never shown any signs that he feels the same way about her, even though they do share a very close relationship. So, when he moves back to Hope Island all these years later, Eden doesn't know what to think. Could this be her chance at telling him how she feels and finding her happy ever after or will it just prove to her that there's no such thing as fairy dust and wishes after all?

Kelly: Like a warm cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and those little tiny marshmallows on a cozy evening in December, ' Christmas at Mistletoe Cove,' will make you feel warm, festive and smiley. It's all the wonderful feelings you get at Christmas time, wrapped in a pretty little cover. Open it up and the inside is bursting with magic and sparkles. Eden and Dougie's story is sweet and homely, especially if you've read Holly's first two stories this year. It always fills me with excitement seeing how the characters I met in previous stories are getting on. In 'Christmas at Mistletoe Cove,' Rome and Freya,  (Summer at Buttercup Beach) Bella and Issac (Spring at Blueberry Bay) are all doing well, as their lives run merrily alongside Eden and Dougie's. This made me content and feel like I was back home with the characters.

As for Eden and Dougie, they did have such a special relationship. It was cute the way they were already very touchy feely and the way they were so relaxed around each other, yet they both weren't sure how the other one felt. One of my favourite things about Eden was that her feelings for Dougie never changed throughout the whole story. Her love for him never wavered, even with their ups and downs, which showed just how strong and true her feelings really were. Dougie was such a sweetheart the way he wanted to see Eden happy and with a smile on her face. I loved that he went through great lengths just to make her believe in magic again, it was incredibly romantic.

Lucy: What can I say? Holly Martin is delightful, this book is delightful and I still feel delighted thinking about it, when I finished it over a week ago. This is another dose of Christmassy, romance perfection and I adored it. You will want to put up your Christmas tree, pour yourself a mug of your favourite hot drink and snuggle up under your coziest Christmas blanket and do nothing but read this book. Best friends Dougie and Eden were incredibly endearing and I was sucked up into this story from the very first chapter. Their relationship made me happy. I loved that they were so close with each other and could be themselves around each other and were always having fun. Watching their relationship blossom was beautiful, they way they laughed with each other and the shenanigans and awkward moments they had with each other were so heartwarming and at times made me chuckle out loud. We got a little suspense in wondering if they would end up together and I liked that there were moments where they didn't hold back and really told each other how they felt. It made me love Eden even more when she didn't run away and feel sorry for herself, but chose to go after what she wanted and stand for what she felt and admit to her mistakes. Dougie was ridiculously cute. You know by now I am a complete soppy and mushy romantic and the things he did for Eden melted my heart. Wait till you read it, uh the list, the wishes, oh how I loved what he did for her. I truly feel we should all have lists, not because we should want more or not live in the moment but because I feel when making the most out of life and love, we should always want to see our other half happy. We should want to go out of our way and experience everything with them. Furthermore, I think it's an amazing way to ensure you don't get complacent or settle. Like Eden and Dougie show, it doesn't have to be big things or extravagant surprises, it can be as simple as taking a bath together or holding hands. This was something special I loved about this book and that Holly created! :)

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