Interview with Author Kirsty Greenwood.


I have been a huge fan of Kirsty Greenwood's writing for a few years now and have been eager to get her on our blog. So needless to say, I am extremely happy to be able to share this interview with you today. Kirsty's books are fantastic reads that will make you laugh out loud but also shed a tear.
They have a natural ability of making you feel like you have just found your new best friend and they are guaranteed to never leave you. My Mum still talks about 'Yours Truly,' and she read it years ago. I hope you have fun reading this interview with Kirsty and although I will remind you at the end, I really, really recommend you pick up Big Sexy Love today! 

1. In your new book, Big Sexy Love, Olive Brewster has to step out of her comfort zone and face her fears in order to make her best friend's wish come true. What was your biggest fear as a child?

I think my biggest fear as a child was losing the people I loved. I think that's still it now! I was never afraid of bugs or spiders, in fact anytime I saw a house fly I was convinced it was the same one coming to visit me to say hello. I called her (them) Judy. I liked to climb trees and I wasn't scared of the dark. Hmmm. I was a bit scared of the film Labryinth...

2. What's the biggest fear you have overcome as an adult?

Ooh, anxiety. It's taken a while, but I generally have it under control now - that little sucker. I take medicine and I try to meditate daily and do breathing exercises like Olive. I'll still have the odd, sweaty panic attack where I am convinced I am about to snuff it, but generally I'm alright and so much better than I was! Anxiety is the WORST.

3. We all have small things that often seem like big things we must tackle on a daily basis. How do you cope with tackling these 'small things?' Are you as overly prepared as Olive or a stickler for routine?

No way, Jose! I am the total opposite to Olive in terms of being prepared and organised! I am extremely disorganised and messy. I am also extremely ambitious and productive and do manage to get a lot done. But it's always in a last minute, close to the deadline, swirl of mayhem type of way. I try to stick to routines. I have so many productivity apps and lists and plans. But I get bored quickly and end up abandoning them. 

4. Your whole heart is in your new book and I have to say it comes across. This book is brilliant. Where did your inspiration come from to write this story?

Thank you! I'm really pleased that shines through. I loved writing this so much and I miss the characters a LOT. My inspiration in terms of setting and concept was mainly those big 80s and 90s blockbuster movies. The Out of Towners, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Adventures in Babysitting. Just fish out of water in a big city, crazy characters and memorable moments. I wanted to tie that kind of excitement with a story of true female friendship, with a character who is literally forced into acknowledging the ways in which she needed to change her life. My starting point is always what will be the funniest thing. Then, what will be the most emotionally powerful things. And then I try to make it all colourful and sexy and vivid as possible.

5. Olive must venture to 'The Big Apple' on her friend Birdie's mission. Your descriptions of the city are very vivid and you sound like you know your way around. Is this great research or have you been to New York City yourself? If so, what are your favourite things about the place?

Ha! I HAVE FOOLED YOU! I have NEVER been to New York. One of the reasons I set the book there is because I've been hankering to go for a long time. A looooong time. In my head, it's this magical crazy place and I wanted to put that feeling into my book. I did research online, but a bunch of it is just my imagination. I'm hoping to go in 2018. Any recommendations welcome!

6. What advice would you give to aspiring authors who may feel anxious or scared to send that first manuscript to a publisher?

I think I'd say get the book in a place that that makes you less anxious about it. Make it shine as much as you possibly can - so much that you can't wait for other people to read it. Like the feeling you got when you'd done a really good job on your homework and felt excited for the teacher to see it. Or is that just me being a total NERDFACE. Make sure it's a story you love, that you have pitched it in a way that's immediately catchy and appealing, and that you truly believe that people ought to read it! Then send that bad boy off into the world with hope in your heart! And remember - being traditionally published is no longer the only option out there. Indie publishing is awesome and so exciting!

7. Your last book 'The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance' was fantastic. We love all things to do with the 50's. What inspired you to write that book and are you a fan of the 50's?

Thank you! I loved writing that book so much. I was inspired by an article my sister Lynette sent to me. It was an old magazine article from the 50s, giving advice to women on how to get a man. It was all really ridiculous advice like 'never look the waiter in the eye' and 'let him order' and 'put a bow in your hair'. We laughed over how nuts it was and then Jessica Beam popped into my head. A ballsy, modern, sexually cheerful woman who would find those tips as daft as my sister and I did. And what would happen if she HAD to transform herself into a demure vintage lady. I love 50s fashion so it was extra fun to write about all the beautiful outfits Jess got to wear. Even if she thought they were all horrible!

8. We are big foodies here on Do you have any specific treats or snacks that get you through long writing days?

Cups of tea, cups of mushroom coffee to keep me extra alert. Cheese. I love cheese so much. Too much. It's a genuine issue I'm battling with.

9. I have to say, that I already miss Olive and her colourful cast of friends. Can we expect another story about Olive Brewster? Maybe she makes it as a cast member on Sunday Night Live or helps Anders open his very own hair salon, or goes on trips to Mrs Ramirez's favourite destinations? She could have her very own series!!! :) 

Shiiiiiit. This is such a good idea. I'm so tempted. Argh. I love the idea of her traveling to all these places! I'm writing the first in a new series at the moment, and have a whole bunch of books planned out. But I do miss Olive and co A LOT. Hmmm... 

Oooh I like the sound of this answer. Fingers crossed we get more of Olive and co from Kirsty! I hope you enjoyed this interview! Be sure to pick up a copy of Big Sexy Love and check out my review! 

Have a fantastic day!

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