Book Review: The Christmas Holiday by Maxine Morrey.

Release date: 22nd September 2017
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @scribbler_maxi

Maxine Morrey did it again. I swooned over her last book, 'The Christmas Project' and I beyond swooned over her most recent release 'The Christmas Holiday'. Where do I even begin? The cute story? The wonderful settings? The gorgeous people? There is just so much to love in this wonderful book. It's pure Christmas perfection.

I adore books that when you finish them you just feel happy. It's that cuddle your kindle feeling, when thinking about the characters, just makes you smile that I can never get enough of, hence our bookworm status' here on the blog. Round of applause's and praise to all the amazing authors out there who give us this feeling. You are all amazing. Maxine Morrey is definitely one of those authors. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I put this book down. It made me happy sigh...ahhh.

Mia Walker is a writer, she writes the wedding section of a newspaper but longs to write travel. She's incredibly excited when her boss comes to her with a project that he has specifically chosen her for. He wants her to travel around with his daughter and her fiance in order to capture their holiday, that will be culminating in their grand wedding in London at the end of the two months. It sounds like a dream job and one that will take her job to the next level. She can't wait to get started.

Hunter Scott is a world renown photographer. For the past five years his career has been on the rise as has the number of women he has been linked to. Romantic holidays and wedding's aren't really his thing but when his close friend asks for a favor he loves her too much to say no and let her down, no matter how much he doesn't wish to see the journalist he will have to work with.

Mia is that journalist and she's not best pleased when Hunter walks through the door completely catching her off guard. You see, Hunter and Mia last saw each other five years ago when she broke off their engagement and he left. They never expected to see each other again and nor did they want to. Now, they have to spend two months together, put the past behind them and act professional. Will they really be able to do it? Will they be able to stand the sight of each other and not argue for two whole months? Well, you will have to purchase this amazing book to find out.

I loved that this book was about love getting a second chance and how sometimes things that aren't right at one moment might be right the next. It was a beautiful story with so much hope and happiness. Furthermore, there were many points I could relate to which made me grateful that this book came to me when it did. That's another things I love; when books have the ability to connect with you when you need it most. Mia and Hunter were once troubled with worry about being able to give each other what they each wanted, but they learnt from their past and found each other again. It was interesting to see how they had changed and how what they had learnt would mean for them. Mia and Hunter will simply melt your heart. They are both such warm and fun characters with so much heart and depth. Moreover, I loved their banter with each other. There were moments where I wanted to shout at them and tell them to be nice to each other, then there were moments I was laughing at them, and then they gave me moments where I was blushing at their interactions and their attraction towards each other. They are simply a beautiful pairing that I thoroughly adored reading about.

As if those gorgeous characters weren't enough to draw you in, you have Olivia and Sandeep, the couple behind this Christmas Holiday and soon to be married love birds. Oh how I loved Olivia and Sandeep, they were simply perfection. I immediately wanted Olivia to be my best friend. She was so elegant and kind hearted, I just loved her spirit and sweet nature and how lovely she was to everyone she met. Her and Sandeep have money but are in no way big headed or spoilt, they have this genuine love for each other and in regards to helping others too. It was so much fun to follow along on their journey to their wedding day. I loved their Christmas Holiday and every moment of their journey to celebrating their big day. I don't think i can use the word perfection enough. This book had everything in it for me. Love, joy, kindness, adventure, obstacles, learning, romance, Christmas and characters you wish were real, the moment you read the first page.

I promise you, you will fall in love with this gorgeous book. Be sure to pick up 'The Christmas Holiday' today.

Happy reading.


  1. That looks like a really cute book!

    1. Oh it's lovely!! :) It's the perfect Christmas read! xx