Book Review: A Beginners Guide to... by Jennifer Joyce.

Want to know the best way to get through a 12 hour car journey, when the AC doesn’t work and your butts gone numb? Read Jennifer Joyce’s ‘A Beginners Guide to Salad’ and ‘A Beginners Guide to Saying I do’ back to back. Time will fly by and you won’t notice how uncomfortable you are because you’ll be too busy laughing and getting lost in wedding preparations and crazy diets.

In ‘A Beginners Guide to Salad’ we meet Ruth. Her school days were terrible due to her being bullied relentlessly because of her size. Ten years later and with an invite to a school reunion, Ruth wants to diet so she can knock the socks of the people that hurt her. Thus she embarks on a whole range of strange diets, like the cabbage diet, salad every meal diet, apple and meat diet and so on. Will she get her happy ending and turn up looking fabulous come reunion day or will she learn lessons along the way, including loving herself just the way she is? Maybe even with the help of a special someone?

Okay, so now I struggle because I don’t want to tell you much about ‘A Beginners Guide to Saying I Do’ because then I feel like I’ll spoil book one. Let’s just say that in this one there are quite a few weddings, one of which Ruth may be involved in! There’s a lot to do and not very long to do it all. Prepare for wedding fever, 90’s pop and plenty of love in the air.

I can’t believe it took me until now to meet Ruth. Jennifer Joyce wrote ‘A Beginners Guide to Salad’ back in 2014 and on my quest to read all of her books, I hadn’t yet got to this one, until now – shame on me - because it was such a great read. I immediately fell in love with Ruth and her room-mates and felt like I was another one of the gang. Her best friend and room-mate Billy was sweet and I adored the way he looked out for Ruth. As for room-mate Theo, well the less said about his womanizing ways, the better! Seriously will that man ever stop?!

Ruth and her girlfriends Erin and Quin made for a lovely trio. Together the three of them made for a fantastic mix of humour, (Ruth) Sarcasm, (Erin) and hopeless romance. (Quinn) The fact that they all worked together made me long for their jobs even if I did have to work in a boring office, with a horrible boss. I just loved their coffee breaks and quick skiving sessions. To me, that made the rest seem worthwhile. Who wouldn’t want to work with their best friends?

Both of these stories were fun, meaningful and such a pleasure to read. Cute guys, chocolate, loyal friendships and love. What’s not to like? So grab yourself a big slab of chocolate or cake and a cup of tea, buy BOTH of these books today and sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Happy Reading!



  1. Thank you for such a gorgeous review. So glad you enjoyed the Beginner's Guide books!