Book Review: Pursued for the Viscount's Vengeance by Sarah Mallory.

Release Date: 22nd August 2017
Publisher: Harlequin Historical
Twitter: @SarahMRomance

I know I've probably said this before, so I apologize in advance for repeating myself, but I absolutely love when I'm in the middle of reading a book and I have to stop for a moment to just sit and think about how amazing it is that all the words in front of me, that have been put together, are making me so happy in that moment. It never ceases to amaze me how fantastic certain authors are when they can whisk me away and make me feel like I'm in a different era, even when I'm in a car with the radio blasting and people talking! I just love it!

I want to thank Sarah Mallory for sending 'Pursued for the Viscount's Vengeance' to me because I truly needed it at this moment in time. It was a much needed escape from my thoughts and made me happy.

Viscount Gilmorton is looking for revenge. He could go after his target and do him harm like his days in the army taught him, but that would be too easy. Instead his plan is to hurt him by disgracing the man's sister Deborah Meltham. Deborah can't help but notice the man that has been appearing at society's latest events. When he starts talking to her, she feels an instant connection. If Viscount Gilmorton feels it too, he definitely doesn't want to admit it, because that isn't part of his plan at all. The further and further into his plan he gets, he starts to discover that their is more to Deborah than meets the eye and there is more truth to be found about the past than he originally thought. 

This story was super easy to jump into. I haven't been reading a lot this past month so when I picked up this book, I felt like I did when I was a kid, on the day after lent when I could finally eat chocolate again, I started it and couldn't stop. I took my kindle everywhere with me and only put it down when I really had to. The story kept me interested from start to finish and I loved the characters from the get go. When I originally read the blurb, I thought "This Viscount sounds really cruel; to go after an innocent lady just for revenge on her brother," but when I first met him, he didn't seem mean or nasty. While I didn't condone what he was doing, I did completely understand why he was doing it. It was hard not to. Even when Gil was carrying out his plan, his kind nature and protectiveness shone above anything else, which made me hope for a happy ending. I must add that I adore the men in historical romances, I love the way they behave, the way they talk and the way they treat the women. I know times were very different back then but there is something so charming and sexy about the way they flirt but also have to be so proper. They just come across so manly! 

As for the leading lady, Deborah, she was amazing. So smart, kind and above all so loyal to her brother. She stood by his side even when he didn't deserve it. She put his feelings and well being above her own which I found very admirable. I also liked how she was mature enough to know what she was getting herself into with Gil. She didn't blame him for the way she felt about him and for what she wanted too, she took responsibility for her actions. The relationship between the two was compelling and moving. I didn't want their story to end. 

Sarah Mallory has written over 25 if you don't hear from me for a while, you know where i'll be!! After reading 'Pursued for the Viscount's Vengeance,' I definitely want to read more and recommend you pick up a copy of this book today. Now I have to go and tell my Mum about it because I have a feeling she will love it too.

Happy Reading!



  1. Ah, Kelly, I am soooooo delighted that you enjoyed my book. There is nothing better than to know one of my stories has made someone happy. Thank you. x

  2. This book sounds like the perfect escapism! We all need that from time to time! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. It most certainly is! I love being whisked away through stories. :) x

  3. This sounds like a great read for some time out, will look out for it :)