Book review: 50 Ways To Live The Life Of Your Dreams by Chris Silvio.

Release date: Oct 4th 2017
Publisher: Independently published.
Twitter: @thechrissilvio

So, I feel like I have to start this book review by stating that this review is in no way biased at all. No matter my fondness for the author, I promise I am giving you my 100% honest review. With that being said this book is delightful and you should buy it! I bought it on Kindle and in Paperback because, yes, I am getting it signed.

If you are a regular to our main blog then you will most likely have read, on many occasions, about my husband Chris, if you are new to our blog, Hello, Welcome and be prepared for mushiness. In short, Chris is the best husband in the world. We met about 8 years ago and my initial dislike for him blossomed into a love that grows stronger every day. Since day one, well OK, maybe since day four or five, he has inspired me like no other, hence the delight-fullness of this book and one of the main reasons you should buy it.

Chris has a drive and determination second to none. He has a positive aura that I miss the second I am not around him. I have had the pleasure of being by his side watching him go after and live his dreams over the past 8 years and this book is a culmination of all of this and more. Chris believes everyone is capable of living the life of their dreams. He believes in others, encourages and praises others success' and has the ability to give you confidence in yourself that you didn't think possible. Oh and did I mention, Chris is the author of the aforementioned book that I am reviewing? Just if you were wondering why I went off on a husband tangent. :p

I have always loved Chris' writing, from letters and emails, to his poetry and songwriting, I read everything and I keep everything. In this book, 50 Ways to Live the Life of Your Dreams, he writes so beautifully and with so much sincerity and encouragement that I guarantee you will feel more motivated from just the first chapter. The book is set out in chapters numbered one to fifty, each one is designed for you to put in place right away so you can begin going after your dreams today. These dreams can be big or small, to headline WrestleMainia or simply be a little happier in your every day life and it involves no extravagant, expensive or crazy steps. All you need is a pen and paper and an open mind. I loved the numbered guides as I feel you can sit and read it all at once or you can read a step each day. Furthermore, you can easily go back to a step/number and re-read it should you feel that it was something that really connects with you, almost like a confidence boost each morning or a helpful tip for the day. In addition, each step isn't overly long, Chris gets down to the nitty gritty from the get go. He explains things clearly and effectively, so you never lose track of what he is telling you to do and you never feel like you can't achieve something.

Chris also includes exercises in this book; small activities you can do every day as well as affirmations to tell yourself. It truly is motivational in such a productive and fun way. My favourite is making yourself a vision board. Now, i have countless notebooks and am always writing down goals and to do lists, however, Chris had me get a poster size piece of paper and use pictures of me and cut out/print/draw my goals. He guided me on what to write, which you can read in the book, and I feel waking up every day and walking past my board to get ready for the day made me really see it more than just writing in a book that I may not go back to daily. Furthermore, I was beyond impressed with Chris' vision board and am super proud that he has already accomplished more than half the dreams on it and they weren't exactly the easiest of dreams to achieve either.

I honest to goodness recommend this book to everyone. It has everything from making the most of every second of every day to really organizing yourself and taking productive steps to truly see results with making your dreams a reality. And I can't be blamed if you end up loving Chris a little bit, he seriously is that awesome.

Pick up a copy of Chris Silvio's 50 Ways to Live the Life of You Dreams today! :)

Happy reading and best wishes!

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