Book Review: The Knight's Scarred Maiden by Nicole Locke.

Release Date: 18th July 2017
Publisher: Harlequin Historical
Twitter: @NicoleLockeNews

What's better than any old post? Getting book post, that's what!  Especially if it arrives in a sparkly blue jiffy bag, with a cute card and bookmarks. Thank you Nicole Locke, this made our day! If you don't know already, I am currently working my through all the novels from the nine ladies who are the admins of The Unlaced Bookclub, the same nine ladies, who have written a short story for our blog - Captive At Cragdale Hall, Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3. They are all wonderful and I have found myself completely lost in worlds full of dashing knights, handsome rogues and brooding mercenaries. I absolutely love it.

Fun fact about reading this book, again thank you so much to Nicole for sending me a copy, is that it was the first actual book I have read in a while. I've been using my Kindle a lot lately, so it was a lovely change to have a book in my hands, even my husband commented on it.

The Knight's Scarred Maiden scooped me up and kept me in it's grasp from start to finish. I met a beautiful, brave maiden, Helissent, who I became quite attached too. A tragedy left her with no family and scars covering her body. She is working in an Inn that once belonged to a wonderful couple, who took her in and helped her heal when she was a child. Since their passing, their horrible son has taken over and treats Helissent terribly. Everyday she makes the most delicious honey cakes and works harder than anyone else for no reward. All she can do is dream of making a life for herself elsewhere. One day a group of travellers arrive and Helissent is drawn to the one man, who sits in the corner, with his hood just covering his face. She watches how he interacts with his men and is curious about the shadows he casts over himself. One night when Helissent is in trouble, the shadow man comes to her rescue. Knowing that she can no longer stay at the Inn and feel safe, Helissent turns to her rescuer for help. Mercenary Knight Rhain has more pressing matters to deal with, like getting his men to safety. He most definitely doesn't need to be adding protecting a Scarred Maiden to his duties.

This story was slow and steady., which made me feel like each chapter was drawing me further and further in. I had no control over it but I welcomed the feeling. Rhain and Helissent were both wonderful characters. Rhain with his charm, air of mystery and sense of power, that exuded a natural leadership, was easy to fall in love with. I actually felt like he was protecting me while I was reading this book. That may sound strange but there was just that vibe to him that made me feel happy and safe in his presence. As for Helissent, she was an incredible women. After everything she had been through, I was in awe of her. She was brave, smart and she loved to bake - her baking references and comparisons had me giggling out loud. Trust me it's worth the read because of them alone. Helissent is so sweet and innocent that sometimes the only way she can explain how she feels is through referencing baking and her honey cakes - these moment are absolutely precious.

I love it when I become so attached to characters that they seem to sneak their way into my every day life. I was at work one day, after I had just finished reading The Knight's Scarred Maiden, and a random song came on - I didn't know the song but it was kind of romantic - then out of nowhere my brain started playing out Rhain and Helissent's story to this love song, like my mind was literally creating a montage just for them!! No joke, this actually happened!

So, if you're looking for an easy going read, that will also tug at your heartstrings, I am suggesting today that you pick up a copy of The Knight's Scarred Maiden. You will love it!

Happy Reading!