Book Review: Wedding Bells at Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett.

Release Date: 26th June 2017
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @sarahlouwrites @HQDigitalUK

I love a good book series. There is just something so special about returning to a place I know and love and falling back into step with characters that are already my friends. So, when I heard about Sarah Bennett's second book and the fact that it would be book two in a 'Butterfly Cove' series, I couldn't have been more thrilled. 
To make sure you are up to speed, read my review for book one, 'Sunrise at Butterfly Cove.' Book one was Mia and Daniel's story. Book two is Mia's sister Kiki and Daniel's friend, Aaron's story and what a story it is...

Kiki has finally had enough of her husband. She is no longer going to stay with such a horrible man and let her children be treated so unfairly by their so called father. She's just mad that it has taken her so long to come to her senses. Kiki's used to pleasing everyone and keeping herself to herself, but she just can't do it anymore, so when her husband goes away on a business trip, she packs the car up, grabs the kids and heads to Butterfly Cove to stay with her sister Mia.  

Aaron really feels at home when he's working on Mia and Daniels guest house in Butterfly Cove, it's such a far cry from London. So when a little cottage comes up for sale, in a move that's very unlike him, he buys it. Just in time too, or so it seems, as when Mia's sister calls expecting to find room for her at Butterfly house, only for Aaron to tell her they are full, the only reasonable thing he can think of, is to offer her his new home to stay at. She does sound rather desperate after all. 

How will Kiki and the children feel being in a new house, with a complete stranger? How will Aaron cope around the kids? What will Kiki's husband say when he finds out she has left? So many answers are waiting to be revealed in 'Wedding Bells at Butterfly Cove.' 

It felt so good to be back in Butterfly Cove again. The air, the sea, the wonderful people, you can't be away from such a place for too long. I loved that as much as this book was about Kiki and Aaron, I got to keep up to date with Mia and Daniel too, it was good to see Butterfly house expanding and keeping busy. I like to know those things, you know? Like when I finish reading a book, I imagine that the characters get on with their lives and live their happily ever afters. Sometimes at the strangest of times, I will think about characters I have read in books and wonder what they are up to and hope that they are doing well. Which is probably why I love series so much; I actually get to revisit those characters and see all this happening. So yay for Mia and Daniel. 

Now, back to Kiki. I was so proud of her for standing up for herself and getting herself and her children away from her toxic marriage. Her husband was vile, so I was all for her moving away and I wasn't settled until she arrived safely at Butterfly Cove. She faced a lot of personal challenges after what she had been through. Trust, self confidence and self worth. All of which she worked on and improved on, while getting her life back on track. I love seeing characters grow and become more comfortable in their own skin, it's incredibly empowering and gives me bursts of inspiration. Kiki especially made me feel like this because she was such a sweet, kindhearted person, who struggled to say no to people. So to see her have a little more control and strength was very moving. 

As for Aaron, he was a genuinely lovely guy, with a heart of gold. I noticed in book one how much he loved the family atmosphere in Butterfly House and how happy he was to be accepted in to the fold so quickly, so it was very interesting to learn about his past and what made him long to feel loved. I liked that he was a big, strong guy who wasn't afraid to be emotional. Not just with Kiki, in fact more so with his brother Luke. Their relationship was one to aspire too. They didn't shy away from really talking to each other or telling each other how they felt and they weren't scared of brotherly hugs either! I really enjoyed their interactions with each other and felt their relationship really added to the story. 

Seeing Aaron and Kiki come to terms with their pasts and building their futures, while surrounded by a cast of equally wonderful characters, makes being at Butterfly Cove so inviting. Everything about the place screams comfort, warmth and family. I can literally picture the house, the gardens, the sea and Aaron's cottage as I type this and it puts a smile on my face. Do you want to know what makes that smile even bigger?? Knowing that the third book is called... 'Christmas at Butterfly Cove.' Yes you read that right, Christmas!!!! So now I can picture all of the above with added fairy lights and Christmas trees and oh the excitement is just too much! Plus the cover is absolutely gorgeous! 

I cannot wait to read the last book in this heartwarming series. I already have ideas of whose story we are going to get next, which I'm very much looking forward to!! :) 

Pick up your copy of 'Wedding Bells at Butterfly Cove' today! 

Happy Reading!

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