Book review: 'Sunshine After the Rain' by Daisy James.

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Release Date: July 5th 2017
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Oh how I adored "Sunshine After The Rain" by Daisy James. I read it while I was on our family cruise a few weeks back and it could not have been more perfect. Oh it just made me happy. I love when books do that; when you are immersed in their world and it just feels exciting and colourful and special. This book ticked all those boxes, I simply loved it.

In "Sunshine After the Rain" we meet Evie Johnson. Evie's biggest passion in life is art, which has lead her to working in an art gallery. She adores her job and the people she works with. Though she always dreamed that she would be sharing her art with the world in her own exhibitions one day, she can't complain and is happy. When a painting gets switched during the opening of a famous Rockstar, turned artist's exhibit, Evie is blamed and the Rockstar demands she resigns. So, she loses her job, feels terrible and can't quite understand how the mix up all happened. She is in desperate need of a break. Her best friend, Pippa, who works with her at the gallery, suggests she takes the keys to her boss' villa in Corfu. He often allows people to stay at the guest house so it seems like the perfect plan. Throwing caution to the wind and stepping out of her comfort zone, Evie agrees and is sunshine bound.

Evie is reveling in the sunshine and the slow paced, laid back way of life in Corfu. She has yet to put paint brush to paper, but it's OK, because she's certain inspiration will come in time given her gorgeous surroundings. All is calm and peaceful until her ex boss' son, Sam turns up. Evie has known Sam for as long as she has worked at the art gallery. He is somewhat pleasant and they get a long OK. He doesn't spend too much time around the art gallery as he doesn't often see eye to eye with his Dad and they always end up arguing. His Dad does not wish for him to pursue a career in art, he wants Sam to focus on being a lawyer like him, Sam tries but he doesn't enjoy it.

At first Evie and Sam decide it's best to keep themselves to themselves but eventually they start spending a little time together as Sam becomes more keen to show her around Corfu and encourage her to paint again. Their adventures and time together is utter magic, I couldn't stop smiling the whole time, you seriously NEED this book on your Summer TBR pile.

OK, so, I bloody loved Evie. I loved her passion. I loved her confidence. I loved her job and could picture her at the art gallery in her gorgeous outfits. I loved that she was so kind hearted and understanding. She wasn't a drama queen. She very much accepted things and dealt with the consequences and tried to figure out a solution. Though with Sam she tries to avoid confrontation and at first her instinct is to run, she goes through the problem in her head and tries to understand the situation from both sides and ultimately works it out. I truly loved this about her, that she didn't hold a grudge or stay angry or drag out the drama. She was just so cool. In addition, I really enjoyed her love for her family. They were not a huge part of the book but I got a lovely sense of who Evie was and how she grew up when she references them and all that they did for her. She is very grateful and thankful for her family and I thought that was super sweet.

Sam was a lovely character, very endearing. It takes a little minute to really get to know him and warm to him but he soon had me swooning. I simply loved his zest for life. We find out that he has dealt with something incredibly heartbreaking, so the fact that he still wants to live life to the fullest after such an event, is very heartwarming. I really enjoyed that he knew all the best places to take Evie in Corfu and I thoroughly enjoyed their banter with each other the more they opened up with one another and got to know each other better.

Moreover, it goes without saying, that I now very much want to visit Corfu. Daisy James paints the place beautifully and will have you daydreaming of sandy beaches, beach cafes, putting your feet up with a delicious iced coffee and chilling in the most stunning Villas. She took me back to family holidays in Portugal when I was younger, I could just see the beautiful houses, the crystal blue seas and smell the fresh foods.

This story is a delight. I'd suggest you pick up a copy of "Sunshine After The Rain" right this second. I promise you, you will fall in love with it.

Happy Reading!

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  1. I'm thrilled you enjoyed Sunshine After the Rain. Thank you ever so much for the wonderful review. You guys are awesome! Love Daisyx

    1. Yay! This makes us happy! Thank YOU for such a wonderful book! :) xxxx