Chuck! 10 reasons why it's the BEST show EVER!

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The instrumental version of Short Skirt/Long Jacket starts to fill the room; waking me from my slumber. My eyes flicker as I reach over to my phone to silence my alarm. Careful not to wake my snoozing husband, I slide out of the blanket and exit the bedroom, closing the door behind me. Once I have my coffee in hand, I scroll through my notifications to see that I have a message from my sister, Jen. I click on it and am greeted with a picture of Chuck. I smile at his facial expression. I carefully choose my response. Ten minutes later and we have had an entire conversation using only pictures of Chuck and his various expressions, because who needs emoji's when you're a true Chuckaholic?

Here's ten reasons why Chuck is the best ever:

1. The cast is phenomenal. Chris and I are currently up to Season Four (Our third time round.) and every single character, in every single episode has blown us a way with their performances.

2. The soundtrack is brilliant. So much so, that my husband looks up songs after watching each episode and learns to play them on his guitar.

3. The stories. Every single episode hooks you and has you on the edge of your seat wanting more. We can never watch just one episode. Up all night watching Chuck? Oh yeahhhh!

4. Chuck!!! Yes, our leading man is quite simply THE MAN! Chuck is emotional, sensitive, likes to talk about his feelings, cares about his family, is a complete nerd and always stays true to himself. Seriously... could you ask for a better role model or leading man? We love what he represents. And he is also a bad-ass, in a totally Chuck way.

5. Orion!! Anyone else get super excited, no matter how many times you've watched it, when the pieces of the puzzle start coming together in Season Two and Orion comes into the picture? We do. Chris and I adore Scott Baluka as Chuck's Dad and still think this is our favourite Season.

6. The friendships. If Chuck and Morgan and Jeff and Lester aren't your friendship goals then you are crazy! :p I kid, but come on? They stand by each other through thick and thin and don't let anything come between their friendships. That doesn't mean they don't have there ups and downs but they value their bonds.

7. The humor. We can't watch this show without laughing, whether it's a Chuck facial expression, Casey grunt, something genius that Lester says or just all things Morgan, this show has so many laugh out loud moments. I LOVE when Chris laughs.

8. While on the flip side to number 7. the show will always make you cry. I just see Sarah or Ellie cry and tears will start to well up. Of course, when Chuck gets emotional too, I get all the feels. Chris and I often laugh and say he's the Sarah to my Chuck in our relationship. Oh and a cheeky added reason to why this show is awesome; my husband loves it nearly as much as I do, he's definitely a keeper.

9. The special guests. Ok, I couldn't help squeal with glee when the likes of Stone Cold, Batista and Stacey Keibler appeared on Chuck. How cool to be watching our favourite show for it then to have wrestlers in it too!!! There's also guest appearances from the likes of Chevy Chase, Nicole Richie and Tony Hale.

10. The love story! Duh!! Ok, so watching it this time round, Chris and I did get a little confused with the whole Chuck and Sarah not getting together for different reasons. At first it was that they could only be together when Chuck wasn't a spy anymore, then when he wasn't a spy, they made it seem like they still couldn't get together and Sarah was going to move on, and I have to honest and say it got a tad confusing for a brief moment. Are there any Chuck nerds out there who can explain this little bit for us? HOWEVER, this little hiccup aside, Chuck and Sarah will have you all googled eyed and just happy. They have a kick ass relationship that just makes your heart a flutter. Furthermore, we love that the show represents so many strong relationships. The characters go through their heartbreak, arguments, break ups and lessons, but each relationship is true relationships goals because, while they are not perfect, they are oh so right in their own ways. Ellie and Devon are magic. Orion and Frost are a dream. Morgan and Alex are everything, possibly my favourite couple. And of course, Chuck and Sarah are THE BEST EVER.

What's your favourite season of Chuck? Ooh and who's your favourite character?

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    1. It's our favourite - as you can tell! :p Thank you for reading!

  2. Amazing blog post!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Much love, Len

  3. I totally agree with you, I love the soundtrack, My favorite season is number 2 because of depth of characters Orion

  4. I know I'm a bit late but just found your post. Chuck is by far my favorite show. I have that same poster, the figurines and even a nerd herd shirt. I'm also on my third watch threw. Season 5 is always a bit sad and leaves me wanting more.


  6. Best Show Ever till Season 4 with so many surprises and WOW moments.
    But I didn't liked the S5 except Chuck vs Buisness Trip and Chuck Vs Baby in that season