Carnival Cruising.

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Good morning and happy Monday everyone. How are you? It feels so good to be writing our little blog again. We had an absolute blast on our first family cruise. It was lovely to get away for a bit and have a break, but we certainly felt we were missing a sense of who we are. So, today we are super excited to be back and to share our adventures with you. We got to spend time with our wonderful family, eat lots of delicious food and explore some beautiful places.


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During our cruise we had three stops that were spread out between four 'At Sea' days. Our first stop was Nassau in The Bahamas. This was such a cool little place to explore. We had to make sure to stay together as there were lots of people trying to sell us things on the streets, but it was lovely to see the shops and the beach. We didn't spend too much time wandering around the town as it was an incredibly hot day and we were told to not stray too far from the ship docking area, again due to the people that would try to sell you/offer you things. The boys got some rather crude offers, so we made sure to listen to what we were told. We stuck together and had fun taking some outfit/blog photos before heading to Senor Frogs, where we had fun dancing with our family. We even took part in a balloon popping contest where we had to partner up with our husbands and pop balloons on various parts of their know we couldn't stop laughing, especially when Mr O (Chris' Dad) joined in, he's a hoot!

Amber Cove!

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We got to enjoy some pool time in Amber Cove before it got stormy and down poured. It was a fun little area with shops to wander round, but to actually see more of the island itself and explore the towns away from the Carnival Cruise area, you had to take taxi's and they were quite expensive. So, we stayed in the port and hung out with family for a few hours, enjoying delicious mango cocktails in the pool. We also took some time to appreciate the beautiful mountains, which looked like the Jurassic Park Island. In fact, they actually did film some of Jurassic Park here. It was such a cool scenic view when we were approaching and then departing from the ship.

Grand Turk!

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Grand Turk was perfect and it's safe to say, it was our favourite stop of the whole cruise. Not only was the pool amazing and truly made us feel like we were relaxing and on vacation, it was huge, with gorgeous water, palm trees everywhere and cute bridges, but the beach was awesome too. The water was crystal clear and almost didn't seem real. It was quite amazing to be in a place that we are usually only looking at on Instagram. It definitely took our breath away. We enjoyed walking along the beach, stopping to take pictures of the horses and adorable beach huts, then jumped into the sea for a little while before joining our family at the pool, where we spent a fantastic afternoon dancing, throwing the kids about in the water and munching on scrumptious hamburger sliders.

Has anyone ever been on a cruise or to any of these places before?

We will be back with more cruise posts soon, including an outfit post, as well as a foodie post! :)

Happy Monday!



  1. Oh my gosh this looks incredible!! Your photos are giving me serious holiday envy, you both look lovely - amazing swimming costumes too! I've never been to any of these places so I'm living vicariously through you!
    Can't wait for more posts!

    1. Aww thank you so much for reading Helen, we're happy you like the pictures. We are very lucky we got to experience a cruise, we had a lot of fun and it was nice spending lots of time with family. We were blown away by the towns we got to visit as we'd never experienced beaches like that before. The swimsuits are from walmart, inexpensive and really comfy. :)
      Lucy xx

  2. It looks like you guys had a lovely time! It looks absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see more posts from the trip!

    Katie |

    1. Thank you for reading Katie! :) We will have a little outfit one up tomorrow! :) Hope you're well! xx

  3. Beautiful! I love this post you are so pretty
    xx Ele |