Book Review: 'Death Plays a Part' by Vivian Conroy.

Release Date: July 7th 2017
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @VivWrites 

OK, so I have to start by saying that you know me and when it comes to books I'm either reading more chick-lit type books or I've got my head buried in American Literature or maybe even an Autobiography, but I don't believe I have ever picked up a murder mystery.
I'm not one for death or anything scary.  So, I was a little nervous when it came to reading Vivian Conroy's book, especially because I love Viv and think she is awesome. She's such a supportive and positive person on Twitter and is always sharing food treats with us, you should go follow her now. Anyway, back to my point, I was anxious as to if I was going to enjoy 'Death Plays a Part'.

Well, you'll never guess what.... I absolutely LOVED it. I legitimately could not put it down. I had trouble answering questions when my husband spoke to me. I had difficulty getting ready for work in the morning when I just wanted to read one more chapter, I just had to keep turning the page to find out what happened. Work, sleep and everything else needed to wait.

In 'Death Plays a Part' we meet Guinevere, a twenty-four year old young lady who works as a costume designer at a Theater in London. She also helps out with any kinks in the plays/re-enactments they have there. She loves the storytelling. However, the theater is closed for the summer for renovations, so Guinevere is off to Cornisea Island to do some book keeping for Lord Bollingbrooke, at his castle. Along with her dachshund Dolly, she is looking forward to learning more about this small island, the history the Castle holds and the treasures it might unlock. What she doesn't account for is a murder happening moments after she arrives. With her love of theater and solving problems, Guinevere can't help but begin to try and unravel the murder herself. With Lord Bollingbrooke being the only suspect as far as the town is concerned, Guinevere and Oliver, Lord Bollingbrookes son, set about to clear his name.

This was just an absolute treat. Ok, yes, I'm terrible and cringed when the murder happened and I got a bit sad, because I really am that squeamish and emotional when that sort of talk happens, but at the same time I was fascinated. At every turn I was just blown away with Viv and her creativity and how she conjured up this plot with all it's twists and turns and adventure. It was brilliant.

Guinevere, our aforementioned leading lady was a dream. I found myself smiling when reading the words she spoke or how her brain worked when she was thinking. She was just so positive and always herself, her character was beautiful and inspiring. I also feel she had a certain innocence about her, not in that she didn't stand up for herself or anything, because she did, but because she was very sweet and did things her own way. I liked that she talked to her dog too, it was just so cute. That relationship was such a lovely one to read and rather unique for me too, I haven't read many books that displayed a bond like Guinevere and Dolly. Dolly was an endearing character that I very much enjoyed. Oliver kept me intrigued throughout the entire story, at one point I believed that he was the murderer and I was sitting at the edge of my seat, you will have to pick up a copy to find out if he was. His subtle charm was hard to resist, there was very much something special about him and I really loved the way him and Guinevere connected and helped each other. I really liked that I felt there was a sense of romance that could blossom within there relationship but it's not quite brought forth in this story. However, their friendship is heartwarming and I have a feeling they like each other.  It was fun to see them interact and learn more about each other. I can't wait to read the next book to see if I'm right about their romance.

Furthermore, I'm very excited to head back to Cornisea. I adored the setting of the castle and the small town and I truly hope all it's inhabitants will be able to get along now that the murder case is over. The cute book shops, restaurants and B & B's made me happy and there was that sense of pride in their home and community, but there was also sadness and fear, people didn't know who to trust. I would love to see Cornisea blossom, for everyone to get along and create that cozy, happy environment. I think that would just be lovely and the people there deserve it!

This book was simply fantastic, such an awesome read. I'm so very happy I met Viv through Twitter and learnt about her books. I couldn't have been more impressed with my first murder mystery. From the interesting, unique and fabulous cast of characters, to the twists and puzzles and super clever plot, I was in awe. This is a wonderful read and I highly suggest you pick up a copy of 'Death Plays a Part' now!

Happy Reading!


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