Better Together!

I"m stood staring at my wardrobe, tears spilling down my face as I bawl to my husband that I have absolutely nothing to wear. I then pull out my usual floaty dress, that's graced far too many scrapbook pages over the past ten years, and I step into the night pouting and sulking, ever so slightly, that I'm never, not ever, not even a wee little bit, ever, going to look like that of one of my style icons. 

OK, I'm not going to lie, that scene has played out more times than I care to admit. When it came to our first family cruise I decided preparation was in order. I needed to plan, organize and actually shop. With a small budget, I made the most of our work discount, watched out for the sales on Asos and mixed and matched pieces in my wardrobe that I had never put together before. I was determined to make this holiday a fashionable one. 

This outfit was super simple, casual and inexpensive. Kelly and I liked that we put thought into the colours and felt the white and maroon looked pretty together and more grown up. We saw these 'Better Together' shirts at work, (we work at Old Navy part time) and one of our friends immediately pointed out that we should each get one and wear it at the same time. Now, we don't often dress the same, in fact our Mum didn't even dress us alike that often when we were kids. We tended to have different patterns on our clothes; bears for me, dogs for Kelly, or 'I'm the big sister'/ 'I'm the little sister' jumpers. Nowadays, we only ever wear the same clothes if our job requires it, like Powercrunch for instance; we have a uniform. But we couldn't help smile at our friends suggestion. 

These days we are more confident when it comes to twinning. When we were younger and people looked at us when we were walking down the street we immediately felt insecure, like we looked funny or had done something wrong. It wasn't until we were older that we realized the attention we were getting was because we look the same. (And you never know, maybe we did look funny to some people or they didn't like our clothes, but anywho.) As we are nearing thirty years of age, our confidence has grown and it's safe to say we are more than proud to be twins. Every now and again being bold enough to hold our heads high and play snap with our wardrobe can be kind of fun. Plus, this top is pretty spot on. (It definitely had our husbands shaking their heads and rolling their eyes.) And look at us accessorizing with our Coconut Lane sunglasses!! 

'Better Together' top: Old Navy $16.94

White shorts: Walmart $5

Sunglasses: Coconut Lane 18GBP (Use 'blossomtwins20' for 20% off) 

Where are your favourite places to shop for Summer essentials? 

Happy shopping! 


  1. I love these outfits! They're so cute and affordable too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Yay, thank you! We had so much fun putting them together. xx

  2. You two are too cute! The shirts are perfect!

    1. Aww haha, thank you so much for reading! Aren't they just? Hehe, we love them! xx

  3. I adore that you both dressed the exact same for such a great top slogan!! :) Tania Michele xx

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