Book Review: A Warriner to Rescue Her, by Virginia Heath.

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Release Date: 29th June 2017
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Twitter: @VirginiaHeath_ @millsandboon

I intended to read the second book in The Wild Warriners series while on our family cruise. However, I was simply too eager to find out more about the next Warriner brother to wait very long, so started it two days before we set sail. This meant that the first two days of the cruise, I spent a lot of time in the ship's library with my head firmly in James Warriner's story. Time well spent, I assure you. 
I had already taken a liking to Jamie, while reading the first book in The Wild Warriner's series, A Warriner to Protect Her. His gruffness, role as the house cook, fierce loyalty and love for his brothers, was hard to ignore, therefore, I couldn't wait to find out more about him. I wanted to know what made this wounded war hero tick and to discover where his love for painting came from, as well as, see him learn to accept himself with his disability and the scars the war had left him with, both physically and mentally.

The story that showed me all of the things I longed to see, was quite surprising. Looking back on it now, one may have expected a more serious story, darker perhaps, than the one I got. Yet somehow this story full of a rambling Vicar's daughter, talking horses, fairy-tales and The Great Apple Debacle, couldn't have been more perfect. It painted Jamie in a whole new light, one that was so lovely to see and one that was exactly what I didn't know I wanted. A lot of that had to do with Cassie; Cassandra Reeves was the best medicine for Jamie's insecurities and stubbornness. I adored how much she rambled when she was nervous, that she spent most of her time writing stories and that no matter how much she tried to fight it, her uniqueness always won. She was utterly charming and I have to admit to feeling like a part of me wanted to be like her. She was so brave living with her horrible father. I admired her ability to stay calm and kind, even when her father didn't warrant any such behaviors. I also admired her wanting to keep her independence and stick to her plan of escaping on her own, even after meeting Jamie. 

The fact that Jamie and Cassie bonded over time spent sitting by the lake, coming up with children's stories together for Jamie to illustrate and Cassie to write, was just beautiful. I enjoyed being by the lake with them both and watching their friendship grow. I smiled when Cassie put Jamie in his place and also when she taught him that his disability and scars were not to be frowned upon or repulsed by. They were lovely and emotional moments. 

Between the lake, the Vicarage and Markham Manor, I was completely lost in my book world. So much so, that one night after we had dinner, I read two chapters on the deck of the cruise ship, then as my husband and I were walking back up to our room, I said to him, dinner feels like hours ago, when it was probably more like half an hour. In those two chapters I had completely surrendered to book time and the world of The Wild Warriners. 

Furthermore, like with any book series, it was lovely to revisit Jack and Letty from book one. Letty made for some hilarious scenes with Jamie. I loved that they had grown close as brother and sister in law and that even when Jamie got mad at her, it was in that special way that siblings do. It made me feel content that she and Jack were doing well and were still very much in love. 

As for the next book in The Wild Warriners series, I am excited to see which Warriner we will get to know more about. Will it be Joe or Jacob? They seem even more intriguing to me, as they didn't play huge roles in this story. If you haven't started this series yet, I highly recommend that you do. These stories are funny, emotional, captivating and endearing. The brothers are wonderful to get to know. In the midst of each of their own stories, they have this undeniable brotherly bond that too heartwarming.= to resist. 

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