Savory meets sweet in this Crosta & Mollica dessert.

Savory meets sweet in this Crosta & Mollica dessert. 

While it was very tempting to devour all of our Crosta and Mollica goodies during our Italian Picnic on the beach, we decided to save a few items, so we could create an alternate recipe to share with you in another blog post. We chose to keep these Classic Piada's, because our minds were racing with what deliciousness we could create with them.

Nutella, Cherry and Coconut Piada.

We knew immediately that we wanted to make something sweet. You know we both definitely have sweet tooths and naturally when any pancake looking object is placed in front of us, our hands reach for the jar of Nutella. However, we also wanted to experiment a little and go for something other than the very popular banana and Nutella or strawberries and Nutella. So, for the first Piada you will need:

Sweetened Coconut Flakes.
Tinned or Fresh pitted Cherries.

  • We heated our Piada in a pan on one side for a minute before flipping it over and repeating this step. 
  • We then spread a nice and generous layer of Nutella over it and sprinkled on the cherries and coconut. 
  • Then we folded it in half and toasted it on the pan for a few more minutes until everything melted together. 

We're pretty sure our Nanna and Grandad's cherry trees will be full of cherries very soon, if they aren't already. Days spent in the garden with them picking the cherries were such joy filled days and because of that, cherries have always been one of our favourite fruits. We've always been huge fans of coconut (Bounty's anyone?) and this pairing worked beautifully together. The cherries added a little tartness, the Nutella added that scrumptious bite of sweetness and the coconut complimented both so well. In addition, the Piada was soft, fluffy and made for a perfect base for this simple and fun dessert.

Banana and Caramel Piada. 

Keeping with a fruit theme, we were originally thinking peanut butter and banana. Then we decided we wanted something slightly different, yet just as simple, so for Piada number two, you will need:

1 banana.
Caramel sauce
  • Like before, heat Piada for 1 minute on each side before spreading a nice layer of caramel on top.
  • Slice banana and place on one side of the Piada.
  • Fold over and toast for another minute or so. 

The one thing we have to admit we are missing from this last dish is vanilla ice cream or maybe even a little whipped cream. We think that would have made it taste extra awesome. Heating the caramel ever so slightly gives it such a warm, smoother taste and with the banana it tastes like you are eating a banana split. While the Piada may be more on the savory side, you can taste the quality of the olive oil and flour, it is still a match made in heaven with these ingredients.

Both of these turned out so delicious. Even our husbands wanted in on them. It makes us so happy when we can just get lost in the kitchen for a little while and then share our creations with those we love. The fact that these products are authentic and made in Italy, make them extra special. Not only can you taste the difference, but it means they add to dinner conversations as we chat about Italy and recount childhood holidays to our husbands. We both can't wait to take them there one day.

Crosta and Mollica are all about bringing people together with great food and they have certainly done that for us these past few weeks. We can't thank them enough. Even more so for making a certain 91 year old Italian very happy! :)

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Buona Fortuna! 



  1. Ah these both look so damn tasty! That banana one is the first one I'd go for but I'm love to kinda combine the two and do one with nutella and banana ;)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Ooh we like your thought process, banana and Nutella is definitely a tasty combo! Pretty much anything with Nutella sounds pretty amazing!! :)

      Happy Sunday! xx

    2. Clearly it's not Sunday!!!! Ha...We're way off with our days of the week this week! :p Have a great weekend! xx