Book Review: Cinderella and the Duke by Janice Preston.

Release Date: 29th June 2017
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Twitter: @JaniceGPreston @MillsandBoon

I am back with another review for yet another delightful book from Janice Preston. 'Cinderella and the Duke' is her NEW book that will be out very soon. It's part of a six book series and I cannot wait for the next one. More on than later.
In this story, we meet Rosalind Allen. Rosalind's main focus is making sure her family are well and safe, after herself and her brother Freddie were disowned by their only living relatives. She might not be following all the rules but she will be damned if she lets her step sister Helena be married off to some unsuitable man. She must keep her head down and continue to take care of Freddie, until Helena has found a suitable match in London, where she is safe. So when Rosalind meets her next door neighbour's family, who have just arrived in to town, no matter how much she feels drawn to the charms of a one Leo Boyton, she mustn't do anything that would affect Helena's reputation.

Leo isn't all he claims to be. The last thing he wanted to do was to visit his cousin, whom he rarely sees eye to eye with, but when he meets Rosalind, he finds he has something to like about his visit after all. She seems different to the ladies of the town but can he trust her? 

Both Leo and Rosalind aren't telling the whole truth, yet they can't deny their chemistry. Will the truth stop them having a future together or will it actually prove rather helpful?

This story started off quite paced and just kept building and building, which made for a very entertaining read. Instead of getting so much at once it progressed in such a way that by the end I was clinging to the edge of my chair at the events taking place in front of me, which I really, really enjoyed. I loved that Rosalind was so focused on her family and making sure they were OK, she always put them first, which was so endearing. However, I also felt for her, because putting them first meant she neglected her own feelings and had pretty much put all thoughts of love and marriage out of her head, even though you could sense she longed for that. So, when Leo came a long, I couldn't help but urge Rosalind to listen to her heart and go after what she wanted. I was rooting for her to do something for herself for a change. 

It took a little while for me to warm up to Leo, I must admit. He was charming, handsome and incredibly kind, but he also had that 'what I want I get' attitude at times, which sometimes frustrated me. Janice did a great job at showing both of these sides of him though, which is why I couldn't not like him. I understood that it came from his upbringing and the fact that he was a Duke, which Leo knew too. He had a conscience and knew why he was behaving the way he was and would reflect on that at times. This made him more real and also gave me more insight into society and the way it worked back then, as well as giving Leo layers that I liked. 

There were so many fantastic characters in this book, from Rosalind's brother Freddie, to little Susie, a young girl Leo and Rosalind rescue, to Cecily, Leo's sister, even Leo's cousin Lascelle's who was a bad man, only added to the intensity of the story. But for whatever reason, I have to say that the person I loved the most was Vernon Beauchamp, Leo's brother. I find it fascinating how as a writer, Janice can create a character, that isn't a lead, but still has something so magnetizing about them in the background, that you just know there is something special about them and you want more. I literally messaged Janice after I had read the book to ask if Vernon would have his own story and while waiting for a reply, went on Amazon to look at her books, well you should have seen my face when I noticed a new book had been added to her page about non other than Vernon Beauchamp!! Need I say how excited I am?? Yes, there was dancing involved! 

So while I eagerly await 'Scandal and Miss Markham' I highly recommend you pick up a copy of 'Cinderella and the Duke' to get started on this exciting series! :) 

Happy Reading!



  1. Ooo I like the sound of this! I love books that keep me gripped to my seat! <3 xxx

    1. You must pick up this one! It just kept building and was thoroughly entertaining! :) Thank you for reading! xx