Reminiscing 'bout the time.

We are huge reminicsers, so much so, that we just made up a word for it right there! :p It's not that we live in the past, we just love thinking about the places we've been, the things we have accomplished thus far and the awesome childhood we are so lucky to have had.

Just the other day, thinking about our childhood actually made us sad for a brief moment; just the idea that those days are behind us got us a bit emotional. It made us think about certain things that go hand in hand with being a kid that you don't get to do when you're an adult. They might seem like little things, but for us they are childhood comforts, things that evoke feelings of happiness and contentment. And yes, we are going to be so bold as to say we miss them sometimes.

Childhood moments we miss: 

Being tucked up in bed and given a 'love and a kiss' from Mum. (We always said love instead of hug!?)

Being read a bedtime story by Dad, who sat in the middle of our two single beds that he pushed together. (Yes, they would start to drift apart as he read, but that always made us laugh.) 

Sleeping over at Nanna and Grandads and the way Nanna washed our faces in the morning, over the sink. The way she used one hand to hold a towel round our necks and the other hand to wash our faces.

Going on family holidays and not having to worry about anything apart from playing in the pool and eating.

Grandad bringing us milky coffee and a kit kat in bed in the morning whenever we slept at their house. 

Dinner being on the table when we came home from school. (We still get food on the table for us after work when our husbands are home and of course Mum cooks delicious food when we are home, but throwing our school bags on the floor and pulling up a chair to chat to Mum about our day, those were fun times.)

Curling up in bed on Christmas eve, feeling magic in the air, hoping Santa would come.

Running into Mum's arms whenever we fell over or hurt ourselves.

Playing in the paddling pool when the sun came out and running around the garden, in our knickers, without a care in the world.

Standing in the kitchen with our Nanna Knott, as she peeled potatoes and sneakily let us eat some raw. We still love the occasional raw potato now, anyone else?

Seeing Mum at the school gate at the end of the day.

Sleeping over at our Nanna Knott and Grandad George's house and having colouring books and those awesome wipe clean books galore and just spending time writing and drawing. 

Getting lots of Mum cuddles and toast when we were sick.

Falling asleep downstairs and Dad carrying us to bed.

Having a nightmare and running into Mum's room or sitting up in bed and preforming the child call of 'Muuuuuuummmmmmm' while your sisters are sleeping around you. It's funny to think back on how Mum would hear us all the time. Did that woman ever sleep? The same call was used anytime it was bedtime and we saw a spider, except it would be preformed from the top of the stairs: 'Daaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd' :p

Do you often think about your childhood? Are there certain things you miss the most?


P.S. Points for who knows the song reference for the post title!!!

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