Let's get motivated. Gym talk!

I have to admit that I've needed a little more motivation as of late to get my butt in the gym. I've not had a specific goal in mind and have been extra focused on my writing and practicing Nanna and Grandad's recipes, so it's not been my number one priority. However, last years training with Chris Knott, has definitely proved invaluable. It's meant that I don't get too down on myself and completely stop my progress. I get my brain in gear, get there when I can and push myself during my sessions.

Speaking of Chris, there isn't a day that goes by where I don't feel inspired by my brother. His dedication to his craft motivates me on a daily basis, not just with making time for my workouts but in every aspect of life and going after my dreams.

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite website for helping me stay on track for a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically and yes, it's got everything to do with Chris! :p I give you


Below are some of the best Podcasts and Articles I have read or listened to that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I guarantee, if you too are in need of a little boost, they will make you feel inspired too!


Oscar Young

I have been so fortunate as to have had the chance to be trained by Oscar and let me tell you, he is a beast. He is an absolute sweetheart, such an incredibly hard worker and his own transformation is beyond inspiring. This Podcast makes for a fantastic listen and I loved hearing more about Oscar's story.

Libby Smith

Libby is awesome. You guys know that Chris puts together my programs and I tend to go to him for advice, but it's often followed by me watching Libby's Instagram Stories or reading the posts she shares. Her knowledge of women's training is phenomenal and I have learnt so much about form and techniques from her that I make sure to apply to each workout. This is a definite must listen if you're looking to really get the best out of your workouts, especially if you're a kick ass woman.

Chris Silvio! 

Ok, so what happens when you take two of my favourite Chris' and give them a mic? Awesomeness, that's what. I'm corny, I know but it made me smile. This podcast truly is full of inspirational thoughts and just general really cool discussions about everything from social media to fast food, to wrestling and a 'cheeky' Nando's!


Creative thinking

This is one of my favourite articles that Chris has written. I have read it more than once, as I often get distracted if I have a down day about my goals, but each time it puts be back on the right track. I've learnt a lot about mindset from Chris and find it so interesting. It definitely makes the gym fun, I love challenging myself to squat or deadlift heavy and often laugh after when I actually manage it, all because I just had to flick that switch in my brain! :) 

Recipe book! 

So, Chris is quite the cook and the recipe's in this Free E-Book are rather scrumptious. Seeing how he makes such delicious and healthy meals ever so simply always makes me motivated to look after my body and to be more considerate as to what I'm putting in it.

Gut health.

This has been a life changer for me. Ever since Chris taught me about Gut Health I have been a huge fan of Probiotics and love stocking up on my Lifeway Keifer. This article has some brilliant insight, and if you struggle with bloating, I highly recommend you check it out. I can honestly say that I don't struggle with bloating and that feeling of discomfort half as much as I used to.

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Have an amazing day and go and conquer those dreams!


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