Daddy/Daughter Travel Plans.

We've said it before and will continue to say it again and again, we are incredibly thankful to have the Dad that we have. He's an amazing person; generous, kind, caring, adventurous and hard working, but above all that, he's a fantastic Dad. We have been fortunate enough to go on many adventures with Dad over the years, like Route 66, The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. We've also been to many a car show with him close to home. But with all those trips now behind us, today and in honour of Father's Day this weekend, we thought we'd look to the future, to the trips that are calling our names!

The Lincoln Hwy.

We're no strangers to long distance driving, it's actually something Dad enjoys. After Route 66, our sister Jen looked up other famous highways that would take us through different states and on yet another grand adventure. The Lincoln Hwy came up on her search and while it's not as classic and as 50's themed as Route 66, it sounds pretty epic. This highway runs coast to coast, from Times Square in New York, all the way to Lincoln Park in San Francisco. We would hit 14 states and it would be quite the journey, but with family in New York and Lucy having always wanted to visit San Francisco, it's definitely on our list!

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We never would have thought about Cuba, or more specifically it's capital Havana, if it wasn't for Carly Rowena and Victoria from InTheFrow. They recently went on a trip there and every time we saw pictures on their Instagrams, we couldn't help but smile at all the classic cars that were in them. The place was a sea of pastel colours and the prettiest classic cars, and we didn't even know about it! Upon further research, i.e. asking Dad, he explained a bit more about Cuba and it's classic car culture, here's us thinking we were telling him something he didn't already know about! It sounds and looks idyllic, so now, you guessed it! It's on the list!


This next one isn't for a new adventure per se, it's more reliving an old one but with more style. We've mentioned The Power Big Meet before in previous posts, it's the biggest car show in the world and happens every year in Vasteras, Sweden. With this year being their 40th show however, they're moving to a bigger location. Our Dad goes every year for a couple of days, he simply fly's there, but when accompanied by us, he does it better! ;p We went with him two years in a row, back in our teens years, and we drove there. This made the trip longer but meant he got to do something he's always wanted to do and that was take his Cadillac with him. However, the two years we went, we were well and truly in our Good Charlotte, wearing nothing but our MADE hoodies 24/7, phase. We were yet to really embrace our love for all things 50's, especially the fashion. Now, we would love to repeat the trip but we want to do it properly, think 50's hair, dresses, shoes, make up, the whole nine yards and all while cruising with the top down and The Overtones on full blast!! 

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As you may have realized very quickly, all our trips with Dad involve Classic American Cars. They make Dad happy, which in turn makes us happy. Plus they look really, really cool! Kidding aside, it's something we've enjoyed with Dad for as long as we can remember and we wouldn't change it for the world. 

Happy Father's Day Dad, now get packing!! ;)

And also a huge Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dad's out there. Including our amazing Father in laws!

Lots of Love


  1. Aww this blog post is so sweet <3 it's so nice to have so many good memories with your dad!! Travel with him and have a lot of fun!! :) buona festa del papĂ  xx

    1. Grazie Aisha! Noi d'accordo! Buona festa del vostre papa anche! ...........?? :p