Crosta and Mollica beach picnic and GIVEAWAY!

Thanks to Crosta and Mollica we finally ticked something off our 'Bucket Lists' that being: 'Have a picnic on the beach.' And boy did we do it in style. We first teamed up with this incredible company last year and since then their products have been a staple in our household. Grandad is never without their breadsticks and our favourite movie snack to munch on with Mum are their Tarallini. So, we are beyond thrilled to be teaming up with them again, to give YOU the chance to WIN these delicious products for your own summer picnic.

"Food is our passion. We make authentic Italian food that bring friends and family all together." 

These are the words taken from the back of Crosta and Mollica's packets and really, could they be anymore beautiful and perfect? Seriously, it honestly makes our hearts happy the way they set out to bring people together over the joy of delicious food and wonderful company. After all, it's the way we grew up. The kitchen is without a doubt our favourite room in our house/apartments and you know our Nanna and Grandad stand by the kitchen being the heart of the home. 

When we received these amazing products to try, and also to snap pictures of, we knew immediately what we wanted to do. We went straight to our favourite Italian store, here in Clearwater, Plateroti's Italian Gourmet, picked up fresh olives, prosciutto, mozzarella, mortadella, salami and caciocavllo cheese, packed it all up into our coolers and headed for the beach. The excitement built as we thought about fresh tomato and mozzarella wraps and crunchy Tarallini wrapped in scrumptious mortadella. Mmmm...

To say we were as giddy as can be would be an understatement. With so much Italian food to look forward to, you couldn't shut us up in the car. There was singing, practicing our Italian and lots of laughing. A twenty minute drive later and we parked up, found our perfect spot on the sand and proceeded to have the most magical lunch with our husbands. There truly is nothing better than incredible food and lovely company.

The smells that filled the air were heavenly. Uh, rosemary flatbreads, olive and Parmesan breadsticks, we were drooling taking these photos. The minute you open a packet of Crosta and Mollica's products you are hit with the scent of Italy and the finest olive oil you can find. One bite and you just know the flour they use is fantastic. Grandad has taught us well. This rosemary linguette was my (Lucy) Chris' favourite. With a fresh basil leaf, juicy slice of roma tomato and a piece of homemade mozzarella, it was divine. Chris couldn't get enough and kept talking about it.

For dessert, we had these gorgeous Baci Di Dama, which are rather delightful. They make for a light and fluffy, melt in your mouth dessert, that has the perfect amount of sweetness to them without being too much. With coffee??? Forget about it!!!! :)

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Simply Tag a friend, who you would love to have a picnic with, in the comments of our giveaway picture and you could win all the goodies listed below:

Piada wholeblend.
Piada classic.
Classic mini linguette
Baci di dama
Grissini speciali
Rosemary linguette
Classic linguette
Tarallini fennel
Multigrain Tarallini
Classic grissini
Parmesan poppy seed grissini.
Black olive grissini
Extra thin breadsticks.


Good luck to everyone! Buona Fortuna a tutti!


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