Book Review: Mary and the Marquis by Janice Preston.

Release Date: 1st August 2014
Publisher: Mills and Book Historical
Twitter: @janiceprestonwriter

This is the second Janice Preston book I have read in the last two weeks. I find myself falling further and further under her spell with each book I read and I couldn't be happier. Her characters feel like home, so much so, that it only takes mere seconds for me to get lost in their worlds.
Mary Vale is travelling with her two young children, she's unsure about what their future holds and doesn't really know how well she will be received once she returns to where she is heading. On the way she comes across a man who is in dire need of medical attention, so stops to aid him. Little does Mary know that the man is none other than Lucas Alastair, Marquis of Rothley. Before she knows what she's doing, Mary is in charge of nursing Lucas back to health. He doesn't prove to be the most friendliest of patients and Mary fears that what his housekeepers say about him is all true. She also fears how he makes her feel, for even through his moody nature, they have undeniable chemistry and Mary can sense there's more to Lucas than meets the eye. Will he open up to her about what's troubling him, in order for Mary to share her own secrets? Can both Lucas and Mary put their trust in one another and slowly let go of the past?

Mary and Lucas had me clinging onto every word and every page. Dare I say it, but there were even times when my eyes darted a few sentences ahead!! I just couldn't help it. At the end of every chapter, I was left wanting more, wanting to find out about Mary's past, what had happened to make Lucas not trust women, what was going to happen to Mary's children. There was so much to keep me captivated and emotionally invested. I loved both Mary and Lucas equally, they were passionate, kind, strong and determined people, which made their story a joy to read. 

However, the one person that stood out to me and who pulled at my heartstrings was Toby, Mary's son. Oh my goodness, his innocence and sweet nature was utterly adorable. The way he half looked after his little sister but also got annoyed by her because she was too little and a girl, was so cute and real. Then when he started interacting with Lucas, my heart just melted and there were a few occasions when I actually got teary eyed. He was precious. 

This book has secrets, betrayal, forgiveness, passion and love. It's a must read for fans of Janice Preston and regency romance. 

You can find a copy here!

Happy Reading!

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