Book Review: The Convenient Felstone Marriage by Jenni Fletcher.

Release Date: 1st June 2017.
Publisher: Mills and Boon.
Twitter: @jenniauthor

After reading 'The Convenient Felstone Marriage,' I now have a new way of measuring how much I loved a book and that is, how quickly I jump off my couch to switch on my computer and write my review. In the case of this story it was, oh about 0.2 seconds!!! Now I'm sat here I have all these thoughts scrambling for attention in my head and I don't know how to get them down quick enough. I will just start by saying this, I felt like I was wrapped in a warm hug from the start to the end of this book. I absolutely adored it! 
Just to clarify how much I adored it, the last few chapters had me pausing to literally kick my legs in a happy little jig, you know the one you do, when you just can't contain your excitement? I wanted to hug my kindle and never let it go. This story just had everything!

Ianthe Holt is on a train heading into an uncertain future. Her brother has just informed her that, as well as visiting their Auntie, Ianthe is to meet and interview with the one person she can't stand to be in a room with, Sir Charles Lester. Ianthe already doesn't like that her brother has been spending more time with the man and now he's talking about her marrying him! She can't think of anything worse. 

Robert Felstone is also on the train looking at an uncertain future. He was just declined by the woman he thought would make a suitable wife, which means he has less of a chance at securing a shipyard that would help him finally become a respected man in society. The only thing he really wants. 

After a rather ungentlemanly introduction and a few heated words between the two of them, Mr Felstone and Miss Holt find themselves in an agreement, one they aren't both entirely sure what to make of. Will Ianthe be able to let go of the past and allow herself to be the person she wants to be and will Robert Felstone become capable of something he always thought he wasn't - Love? 

Oh I can't urge you enough to pick up a copy of this book to find out the answers!!!

Sometimes I feel like books are very similar to people. In the sense that we can meet people for the first time and feel like we have known them forever. This story felt like that to me. I instantly felt like I knew these characters and that I already had a huge connection to them, after only reading a couple of paragraphs. I felt every emotion going reading their stories. From protectiveness to fear, to happiness, sympathy and anger. It was a roller-coaster ride for sure. 

Ianthe is a strong, determined woman, who fears that her shameful past will catch up with her. I felt for her so much that she carried such a burden. To think that in those days, women were to be so prim and proper and were looked at in disgrace, if they so much as looked at a man in a certain way, is quite astonishing. Feeling every bit of angst or worry from Ianthe only made me realize just how much time has changed since the 1900's. Ianthe was wonderful, she was clever and brave and I wanted her to be the person she had locked away and be truly happy again. I felt very protective of her straight away and could have dived into my kindle to keep her safe from Charles Lester. He made my blood boil. Thankfully she had Robert Felstone to look after her. May I get one of him too please?? *Sigh* He was dashing! I loved how he got himself into a rut with Ianthe by telling her he needed someone respectable, I found myself quietly laughing at the situations he got himself in to because of that. The whole relationship between him and Ianthe was perfect and I don't mean that their story was perfect, I just mean them together. The way they were written and the way their story played out, it was just perfection. 

I loved every shock, every dip, every turn, every dance, every interaction, every conversation, every shy smile, every flirtatious smile, I loved it all. Robert and Ianthe are my new favourite people and I very much could have climbed into my kindle to visit them. 

Thank you Jenni Fletcher for getting in touch with us, I do so hope that this review does your marvelous book justice.

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Happy Reading!