An interview with Lindsey Kelk!

At the risk of copying my other posts where I have talked about Lindsey Kelk, I have to start by saying, I bloody love this woman. I know, I know, I've written that before but I can't help it, I truly do. From her marvelous books, make up expertise, fashion, hair, humor and just all round being a genuinely awesome human being, I adore her. So I am beyond thrilled today to bring you this delightful little catch up with this gorgeous woman. I am going to stop rambling now so you can simply go and bask in her awesomeness.

1.   We loved getting to meet you WrestleMania weekend and have to ask, what was your WrestleMania moment from this years WrestleMania moment?

Other than meeting you? It’s too hard to choose! I loved the AJ Styles vs Shane McMahaon match but I think it had to be when The Hardy Boyz were announced. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so loudly in my entire life.

      2.    You also went to a few Indy shows while here in Florida, did you have a favourite?

Definitely the What Culture show. Other than a dashingly handsome and talented referee, it was the most fun show we saw all weekend. All the matches were fresh and exciting, the crowd was on fire and I got to see my first Bobby Fish match! It reminded me a lot of how PWG in Los Angeles used to be before it got so insanely big, no one can get tickets. Loved it, can’t wait to see more.

3.      You got to interview some of the wrestlers again this year, out of all the wrestlers you have spoke to over the years, who do you enjoy getting to chat to the most?

I love talking to wrestlers because I love wrestling. I know it sounds silly but when you’re super passionate about something that’s a bit niche, it can be tough to find other people who share your passion. The thing I love about interviewing wrestlers, is you never meet anyone who looks down on the fans (or at least I haven’t!). Everyone always says ‘don’t meet your heroes’ and I’ve met musicians, actors and writers I love and been so disappointed in their attitude to their fans but almost all the wrestlers I’ve interviewed are still fans themselves.
It’s so hard to choose a favourite! This year, Cesaro and Sheamus were so funny and I could have talked to Alexa Bliss all day long. She’s a big beauty fan, like me! We gossiped about Jaclyn Hill, it was magical. I’d probably have to choose Paul Heyman as my favourite ever interview because he basically sat across the table and cut a promo on me for eight minutes. The man is amazing.
 4.      We adore your fashion sense and your love of all things clothes and makeup, what are some of your favourite places to shop?
Oh BLUSH. I really feel as though I’ve got slack with my fashion since I moved to LA. In London and New York, I dressed up every day but it’s so casual here, I’ve forgotten how to dress! Lately I’ve been loving & Other Stories which has just launched here and I’ve got a couple of really cute little dresses from Christy Dawn that I could just live in. For fancy events and book signings, I love, love, love Mrs Pomeranz which is actually an Etsy store. All the dresses are vintage inspired and they make me feel like a fancy lady. Which I am not. One day I’ll be so loaded I can live in Givenchy and Saint Laurent and all will be well.
Makeup-wise, I’m a Sephora addict. It’s seriously a problem! Colourpop is another favourite of mine, I’m so in love with their new Blotted Lip collections and um, might have already bought all of them. I’m a disgrace.
 5.      What Spring fashion trends are you loving right now?
I’m trying really hard to avoid trends and create a capsule wardrobe at the moment. I’m failing miserably of course but I’m trying! My friend Harriet (from turned me on to a website called and it’s really inspiring so I’m doing a lot of skinny jeans a stripy t-shirts at the moment. I do love a little summer dress though, so once the weather heats up in LA, I’ll be back in my vintage polka dot dresses, just you watch.

6.      What makeup looks are you into at the moment?
Either a really defined cats eye flick and brightly coloured lips or really smokey eyes and a super neutral pink pout. Ever since me and Harry started our podcast, Full Coverage, I’ve been a lot more experimental with my makeup. Even though I love it and own far too much, I always played it pretty safe but now I’m really getting into trying new stuff. I loved the Persona Identity palette by Sona Gasparian, it’s really well pigmented and super versatile. Ooh, and I’m a highlighter addict. Can’t get enough!
7.      Who are your fashion and makeup inspirations? Who keeps getting it right?
Every day I wake up and look in the mirror to see if I’ve turned into Debbie Harry. Hasn’t happened yet but I can only keep trying! I think Emma Stone always looks amazing. She’s often trying new colours and looks but her makeup doesn’t wear her – google her La La Land press tour looks and you’ll see so many different styles. She’s a massive beauty inspiration for me. I’m not super into the Instagram makeup trend, if I wear a ton of makeup, I look like my dad in drag so I’m more about fresh, fun makeup. Best tip I can give anyone is the Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation. It’s only about $5 and it’s the best foundation ever!
 8.      We love all the festivals and events that pop up in the lead up to Summer, are there any fun events taking place in LA that you are going to/looking forward to?

There’s always so much going on in LA, it’s constant FOMO. I’ve been on deadline for my new book so I haven’t been out in ages but there’s loads I want to do. The FYF Music Festival is coming up and there are loads of good concerts at the Hollywood Bowl this summer, I’ll definitely be heading to some of those. Also, I may or may not have bought an annual pass to Universal Studios in January so I’ll be spending a lot of time at Hogwarts this summer!

 9.      We might be being a tad cheeky here as we know you might not be able to give too much away, but we can’t resist asking, what can we expect from I heart Forever?
Ha! Ask away! I’m actually finishing the line edit right now so at last, I finally do know what you can expect! We meet up with Angela and the gang back in New York, three years after their last adventure. Alex is leaving New York to go on an adventure around South East Asia with Graham, Jenny is blissfully in love with her BF but quite frankly thinks she should be married by now and Angela has to unexpectedly save her magazine from the chop. And if that wasn’t enough, there are several more massive surprises she has to deal with and she isn’t even slightly prepared – one of them is a washing machine falling through the ceiling and honestly, that’s one of the easy ones. I can’t really tell you anything else without giving it all away but trust me, there are lots more surprises I think everyone will love!
 10. We love chatting about everything and anything food here on the blog, we have talked about British Christmas favourites with you before, but do you have a foodie hotspot that you love in LA?
LA has so many good restaurants, it’s a problem! My favourites are probably Guisados in Echo Park for awesome tacos, Eggslut in Glendale and the best egg sandwich you’ve ever had, Little Dom’s in Los Feliz for Italian (and John Hamm sightings), Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica for a nice girlfriends dinner and L&E Oyster Bar for, well everything! It’s right around the corner from my apartment and they do an amazing brunch as well as yummy oysters at happy hour. I never used to like them but now I’m addicted!

See, isn't she just wonderful? Now, I'm off to go on a hunt for that Wet n Wild foundation and to check out! Thank you Lindsey!

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