What to do when the Dementors attack.

Feeling anxious, agitated, angry, negative and insecure?? These are just some of the wonderful emotions us girls experience at least once every month. Of course, we are talking about the time of the month when we get our Period. Or as we like to call it, the time of the month when the Dementors attack, because really, there couldn't be a better analogy could there?

We don't know about you, but as we've gotten older, we feel like what used to last a week, now lasts for three! We have a fantastic 'prep' week full of chocolate cravings, mood swings and headaches, followed by the actual week of our period; a lovely week of cramps, feeling down and not knowing what to do with ourselves. Finally it ends with a few mixed days, where we are either full of happiness or brimming with insecurity. Our poor husbands don't know whether to provide us with cuddles or to duck and cover, because it seems like, if the Dementors aren't already here, they are looming or lingering.

So, now we've shared all those delightful details with you, lets get to why we felt the need to do so. We wanted to share with you some of the things that, if you, like us, experience the above, we feel can help combat these emotions each and every month, our patronuses if you will.

Allow yourself to watch that movie.

It's OK to take a break from the to do list. Sometimes when all we want to do is curl up and watch a movie, the best thing to do is just that. Put the guilt aside and get lost in another world for an hour or two. We find watching something funny that can make us laugh without thinking, is a great way to feel instantly brighter and happier.

Get chatting.

You are not alone at all when it comes to these mix of emotions. Sometimes reading another blog post on the matter and chatting to girls who are going through the same thing, can be just what you need to lighten your mood. We have come across hilarious posts before that have us in fits of giggles and have had us shouting AMEN to the authors. That, and you can't beat someone sharing a GIF that just hits the nail on the head, it makes everything better. It may even help put a little spring in your step and get you up, doing that thing you just weren't in the mood for, a few moments ago.

Be prepared.

If you're trying not to eat all the chocolate, and know that if you do you will just feel worse, make sure you are stocked up on healthier options. Try protein cookies or a lighter ice cream option, or allow yourself the macros to be able to fit in your favourite chocolate bar that day. Alternatively, you could bake. That way it gets you up and doing something you enjoy and you know what you are putting into your treat. Try these healthy Kodiak cake waffles, so yummy and sure to satisfy your chocolaty craving!

From Google.


Yes, cry, because sometimes you really do just have to let it all out. Don't be ashamed. Whether you're curled up on the couch crying into the cushions or dancing around belting out your favourite tunes with tears streaming down your face, you do you! Keeping your emotions bottled up will most likely make you feel ten times worse. We find when we feel like crying, we have to just let go and cry. It actually makes us feel better once its out. Have you ever experienced that? That feeling of everything just being too much, then you cry and suddenly everything isn't so bad?

Don't feel guilty.

No matter how much we should be used to these emotions each month, we always feel bad for feeling the way we do and this only makes us feel worse. As difficult as it may be, and as much of a work in progress this step is for us, we do think it's important to allow yourself to feel what you feel without getting mad at yourself. Breathe and listen to what your brain wants. That might mean you clean the house from top to bottom and have a super productive day, or that you get through the entire Chuck box set in one day, whatever it is, try your absolute hardest to not feel bad about what you want to do or how you feel.

What to do you when the Dementors attack? What's your Patronus?

We hope you have a happy day!

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