We love MCR!

The event that happened on Monday was too close for comfort. Coming out of the cinema's and checking social media to see Manchester all over the headlines set our stomach in knots and our hearts beating fast. All we could think about was our family and our friends. Manchester is where we grew up, the Manchester Arena was the place we saw our first concert and first wrestling shows, the place we made our childhood dream come true. It made us sick to our stomachs thinking about our hometown going through such devastation.

Immediately we reached out to family. At times like this being 4000 miles away from them is very hard to deal with and our emotions were getting the best of us. The more we read and the more things started to come to light, the more our hearts ached for those affected. All we could do was pray and send love their way, though that felt like not enough.

We hope it's OK that we are simply writing a few thoughts down today. We feel a bit lost in all honesty and didn't quite feel like promoting our scheduled blog post. Upon finding out a friend from school was part of the confirmed victims, our hearts shattered for his family and friends and we just wanted to write with love. Really just wanting to do something to send thoughts, prayers and some kind of positive word.

It has been beautiful to see the City of Manchester band together and stand strong. We truly have a sense of protectiveness over this City, our home and it's encouraging to see everyone unite. But it also made us realize how we are all one, everyone from every single country, we are all one. We have been very touched by the people we have met, here in Florida, over the past few days, people who upon hearing our voices and asking us where we are from, have offered us condolences when we proudly state Manchester, England. There is good, there is light, there is compassion in this world, we just have to each work harder every day to see it and also to give it.

Manchester is an incredible place, one we can't wait to explore more when we get back home. It's grown and changed so much since we have been away these past eight years. From the incredible foodie hotspots to the cute boutiques, museums and shopping, to the best hangout areas with so much to offer, like the Northern Quarter or Piccadilly gardens, there's always something to see and do. We of course have so many memories from when we used to get the train into town and make our way to wrestling training every weekend for five years straight. There was always a stop at a specific Subway on the way home with our friends and running through the Arndale center doing wrestling moves on each other. We still smile when we walk past that Subway now and can't help but laugh at all the times clotheslines where given as we walked past JD Sports!

We did a little post a while back on some of the new places we found and loved, in our home sweet home. It seems like such a little list considering we now have two pages in our notebooks dedicated to places we must visit, thanks to lovely bloggers like Laura. And, we can't forget the wonderful Manchester Christmas Markets, Manchester shines at Christmas. It feels more cozy and homey than ever, with the smell of mulled wine and waffles in the air and wooden cabins everywhere you turn. And, you know we can't write a little Manchester post without mentioning Manchester United, because yes we are Red Devils through and through. Taking it in turns to go with Dad to football games and keeping our fingers crossed to meet Andy Cole, are childhood memories we won't forget. Yes, Manchester certainly is special. What's your favourite thing about Manchester? And if you've never been, what is something you would love to experience in this amazing City?

To all those families and friends who lost loved ones, please know we are praying for you and sending you all our love. Your loved ones will never be forgotten, they are in our hearts. To the family and friends of Martyn Hett, we are heartbroken for your loss. From our years spent at school with Martyn, he truly was one of a kind. We hope it's OK that we share a lovely post we read about him today. We shall celebrate him and aim to live life a little more like he did.

A tribute to Martyn.

Treasure your loved ones and never go a day without telling someone you love them! Be extra kind to someone today. Smile at a stranger, love a little harder and go after your dreams with all that you have.

All our love


  1. What a beautiful and moving post. I'm so sorry to hear that you were friends with Martyn - from what I've seen on the news and on social media over the last couple of days he seemed like an amazing guy. Love to you both xx

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it and comment. We knew him in high school and are amazed to see how many people he touched over the years. He made quite the impact! <3
      Love Lucy and Kelly xx

  2. This is such a beautiful post, that is much needed after the heartbreaking news over the past couple of days. So sorry to hear about your friend, he sounded like such a good guy. Sending love to you both xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you, we appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment.
      Sending love right back. <3
      Lucy and Kelly xx