The Unwritten Twin Code.

Two weeks ago Lucy's car broke down on the highway. In the midst of her being a little shook up and trying to speak to her husband, who was minutes away from boarding a plane to England, I stepped in to ring the insurance company and help. It occurred to me in that moment, while stood on the side of the highway, that even if I don't like doing something, i.e., ringing people on the phone, I will do it for her, because I would literally do anything for her... AND, well, it's kind of all part of the Unwritten Code of being a twin!

For us, 'The Unwritten Twin Code' looks a little something like this:

1. You will always have each others back. So if you don't like doing something but your sister doesn't like doing it more, you better believe. on occasion, you're going to have to sacrifice yourself!

2. You must never EVER open Birthday or Christmas gifts before the other. If you do you will most likely spoil the surprise and Birthday and Christmas shall be ruined for all.

3. You must always let each other know when you leave the house and when you return.

4. You must always say Goodnight at least twice. Once in person and once via text or Facebook message. If you fail to do so, you may get a knock on your door or multiple phone calls and messages to make absolute certain you have not been kidnapped by aliens, in the space of the five minutes since you last saw each other.

5. You must think outside of the box when it comes to Birthday and Christmas gifts. This ensures that it will be really hard for her to guess what it is. Because you know she's going to guess and you know you will always give way too many hints.

6. You must learn breathing techniques and find something to distract yourself with, so that you don't freak out and declare that the sky is falling, when you've only been apart five minutes, because...

7. ...You will worry about each other constantly, especially when one of you goes somewhere without the other.

8. You have to remember that no one else will quite understand you the way your Twin does. Therefore, it is a good idea when in public to speak slower than usual and actually finish your sentences.

9. You must always split things equally. No, you simply cannot have one more hula hoop, mini egg or cookie than your other half, if sharing a packet.

If you're a twin, is this just us or do you act similar with each other?

Have an awesome day!


  1. This made me chuckle! I'm a twin too! I have a twin brother so I'm definitely with you when it comes to the 'unwritten code'.

    I'm quite a push-over (and my brother can be quite the bully, being 1 minute older than me). EVERY BIRTHDAY he would blow out my candles for me. He had his own cake and his own candles and yet he had to blow mine out too.

    He also refuses to have a exclusive twin handshake with me. THAT should be in all twin codes!


    1. Aww, haha, yay we're glad it's not just us! How cool that you have a twin brother! Are you close? :) Oh gosh, we think he owes you some wishes!! :p We're 1 minute apart too!

      Ooh we definitely need to add that to our list, we didn't even think about a twin handshake, we HAVE to make one up now!

      Thank you so much for reading! xxx

    2. My brother and I are really close. We're hardly ever apart.

      Sure, it was a lovely read!

  2. Aww this is so cute! I'm not a twin but I do have an older brother but it's definitely not the same thing hahaha although I do jump to the completely wrong conclusion when my brother doesn't reply to urgent messages and I will automatically assume the worst! Em xx

    1. Haha, it's terrible isn't it? We try not to be irrational but sometimes it's so hard when you care so much! We have another brother and sister too and we have definitely gotten closer as we have gotten older. So we can understand feeling similar things towards them too! :)
      Thank you for reading!

  3. I might not be a twin, but I loved this list! I do some of this with my sister anyway, but I imagine as a twin, being apart must be very odd-feeling sometimes! :) Tania Michele xx