Target Summer Haul!

Since moving to America some eight years ago now, Target has well and truly become one of our favourite places to shop. It is a magical yet dangerous place where budgets often get thrown out the window and your memory suddenly comes back to you when you purchase items you must have completely forgot you needed. Everyone needs bags of animal crackers, yoyo's and one more pencil case, right? Those dollar bins at the front of the store will get you, if you're not careful. But, alas, we love it so.

We especially love Target for their clothes and swimwear. They always have the coolest graphic tees and the prettiest styles in their swimsuits and bikinis. Today we thought we would share some of our recent Target finds.

Kelly: There is nothing quite like a bit of beach time, especially beach time spent reading a good book. My Kindle cover even matches this gorgeous bikini (above) Lucy spotted, and picked up for me, in the clearance rack at Target. With the lilac, mint and pinks blended together, it's the cutest thing and for such a great price. It's so pretty and colourful that it makes me feel like a mermaid. Target have the most beautiful prints, styles and sales when it comes to their swimwear. Keep an eye out on their cartwheel app, website and always check out those sale racks.

Lucy: I'm incredibly lucky that I have a mother in law who is like my own personal stylist. She is beyond awesome and always finds me clothes that I adore. Sometimes, she pulls me out of my comfort zone with her purchases and I end up loving prints and styles I never looked at before. When she gifted me this bikini though, it was love at first sight. The colours and print scream festival vibe to me and I'm a huge fan of the structure and fit of the top, which you can see a little closer below.

Kelly: We got so excited when we started seeing Instagram being flooded with adorable, foodie pool floats. It has been years since our days floating on our beloved dragon float that our parents bought for us when holidaying in Portugal. We loved that dragon, and yes, we're pretty sure between the four of us kids, we did indeed manage to pop him at some point. Fast forward to the present day and we felt the need, living in Florida and all, and having a pool in our apartment complex, to take the plunge and each buy a fun, brightly coloured pool float. We couldn't resist the blogger photo ops and were excited about trying our hand at some different pictures for our blog. I opted for this amazing Doughnut, I mean just look at how cute it is. And it's huge!! And it also matches my new bikini!

Lucy: This top fits like a regular crop top, which makes it super comfortable to wear when splashing around in the water. When babysitting a few weekends ago I was able to hold our friends adorable one year old boy, (Cutest baby ever) and play with him in the water, with no worries of my top slipping down, even when he held on tight. In addition, it really is such a bold and vibrant print to add to my small bikini collection.

Shop the looks:

Doughnut float: $19.99 each
Mermaid bikini: $27.99 for Top. $19.99 for Bottoms. (Though in store it was in clearance.)
Printed bikini: $17.99 for Top. $14.99 for Bottoms.

Are you ready for Summer? Do you have a favourite place to shop for bikinis?

Have a sunshiney day!


  1. These are all so gorgeous!! The prints and colors are making me dream of it being summer again. I love seeing all these stunning beach photos, each time they pop up on my social media it makes me smile. Whenever I get the chance to visit the states, I always head straight to Target! They have amazing stuff :)
    Steph x.

    1. Thank you Steph! The sunshine is nice and the bright colours make us feel happy! When is it you go to Hawaii? We can't wait to see pictures from your trip! :)
      Yes Target have great stuff, it's dangerous when we go in for one thing!!! :p

  2. I admired these photos as soon as I saw them on your insta feeds! You girls are gorgeous! I lovvvvve the prints of both the swim suits! And the doughnut float is seriously the cutest- why didn't they make these when we were kids?!

    Where I live now, Target is 40 min away so I don't get to go as often as I did when growing up (it was literally 3 min away when I lived in my childhood hometown). Somehow, by miracle, I am USUALLY able to resist the dollar section unless I'm searching for something specific (i.e. phone case). I used to go crazy there but I have hoarder tendencies so I avoid it as much as possible haha. Though, the stationery calls my name once in a while!

    I haven't been swimming in yeaaaars. I used to love it as a kid but once I entered my 20s I became more self-conscious and just didn't enjoy it anymore. It's weird how that happens.

    1. Aww thank you so much Victoria, that's very sweet of you! We had a lot of fun stepping out of our comfort zones and taking the pictures! :) I know right? We did have a cool dragon one as kids but no foodie floats!!

      We are exactly the same, we can never have enough stationary but we try and tell ourselves to only buy what we really went in for. Our Target isn't too far away but further than it was when we lived in Kentucky, so we don't go there all the time, which is probably a good thing!

      Aww, we understand. It's rare that we actually go swimming but we do enjoy that more than just sitting by the beach or pool - not the best in the heat! :p We used to love it as kids too and every now and again if we do a length we realize what good exercise it is...we underestimate how much energy we had as kids! It's hardwork! :p

      Hope you're having a lovely week!