Lift me up: Tiramisu!

Pick me up, lift me up, cheer me up, is what comes up when you research the meaning behind Tiramisu. Doesn't that make you smile? It made us smile. We think it's pretty perfect and beautifully symbolic of what a dessert can do and how baking can make you feel. Getting together in the kitchen to make this dessert, having Italian music playing in the background, with the smell of Marsala and freshly brewed Lavazza filling the air, it certainly had us feeling rather cheery.

Marsala has to be one of our favourite Italian liquors. The memories it evokes are ones of pure and utter joy; picture us as kids, sat round the table at Nanna and Grandad's house, each with a bowl of Sivori's bianco ice cream in front of us, Nanna walking around the table helping us drizzle Marsala over the top, then us proceeding to whip, stir and mix our ice cream until it resembled a thick milkshake. This would result in us squealing with glee before devouring the whole bowl. Doesn't that make you want to try it? It might sound like an odd concoction but trust us when we say, it tastes amazing.

In addition, we would, when we got a little older, happily sit with a shot glass of Marsala and a packet of lady finger biscuits and dip the biscuits into the Marsala, while Grandad told us stories and shared jokes he heard on the Italian quiz shows with us. We actually still do this when we are home. So today we give you a dessert that is creamy, rich, sweet, delicious and made with lots of love and happiness.

What you will need:

2 cups of espresso.
4 egg yolks
3 tbsp marsala wine. (A little extra for drizzling.)
2, 7oz packets of Lady fingers. ( You will use 3 sleeves) 
3/4 cups of sugar
16 oz mascarpone 
Cocoa powder.

What to do: 

1) Make coffee and set aside.
2) Beat egg yolks and sugar until combined then add mascarpone and mix until creamy.
3) Add 3 tbls of marsala and mix until combined. (You can add more to your desired taste if you wish.)
4) Add a thin layer of your mascarpone cream to the bottom off your dish.
5) Dip lady fingers into your prepared coffee and begin to layer into to dish.
6) Follow with a layer of mascarpone mix and drizzle with marsala.
7) Repeat steps until you end with a nice layer of mascarpone cream.
8) Dust with Cocoa powder and refrigerate.

We tweaked this recipe a little from a recipe card we picked up from our favourite Italian shop here in Clearwater, Plateroti's Italian Gourmet. It's the best place to go for all your Italian produce and supplies, we feel like home as soon as we walk in and love going to talk to the owner Salvatore. He's awesome and just so sweet. This recipe came from his Mum and it is divine. The cream is absolutely out of this world. We decided to add the marsala to the cream/mascarpone mixture and my goodness, it tastes incredible. We tried it after a few hours in the fridge but found that it taste delicious the next day when it had chance to set and cool over night! :)

Have you made Tiramisu before? What's your favourite Italian dessert?

Download our printable shopping list and instructions.Tiramisu

Buon Appetito!



  1. Of course I made tiramisu!!! My mum used to made it many times when I was little :) oh gosh now I want a tiramisu so badly!! It's soo good <3 I'm so happy that you share your Italian recipes! Love youu

    1. Haha thank you Aisha!! We can't wait to visit Italy and have authentic Tiramisu the way the Italians make it! It wasn't something our Mum or Nanna really made! Does your Mum have a specific recipe?

      Thank you so much, we'e glad you enjoy them, it means a lot to us because we love sharing them! :)

      Buona Giornata!


  2. Oh man I've grown up with Tiramisu and although it's not my favourite my mum, sister and nonna absolutely love it. My nonna makes it with a pretty heavy handed dose of marsala so I think that's why I've never loved it- she just makes it so strong! haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Haha, your Nonna sounds very familiar!!! :) Our Nanna puts Marsala, and a lot of it in everything. Especially her Pandoro cake at Christmas. Then of course, there's half of the bottle of Sambuca she puts in our Pastiera at Easter!

      Thank you for reading! :)
      Lucy and Kelly

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