Interview with Magician Jack Kempton.

One of our favourite things about blogging is connecting with people. We love that every day we meet new people from all around the world and from all walks of life. It's so awesome when people reach out to us to chat or to be a part of our blog, it honestly means the world to us. When Jack Kempton got in touch with us and told us he is a musician, as well as, a magician, we couldn't wait to start asking questions. Our blog is a place for positivity and encouraging others to dream big and Jack is doing just that. Chatting to him was simple lovely. His passion for what he does shines through and his energy is so uplifting and happy, that we couldn't help but feel inspired. We hope you enjoy today's interview.

1) Why magic? What got you into it? 
Initially my Dad introduced me to magic when I was around 5 years old as he always enjoyed watching magicians. He bought me my first magic set too - a Paul Daniels magic set. Performers such as Penn & Teller, David Copperfield and Lance Burton were my earliest memories of watching magic on TV, whilst more recently I am a huge fan of Derren Brown, Dynamo and Shin Lim.

2) Do you have a favourite trick/act you love to perform?
I do indeed! Something I really enjoy is asking someone to name any card they like, and that card will be the only face-down card in a deck of cards which the spectator has had in their hands the entire time. I also really enjoy putting a chocolate bar inside a drinks can - which then has to be cut open to retrieve the lovely snack, and of course turning paper into money isn't bad at all either!

3) What is your ultimate goal you wish to achieve being a magician?
A lot of people have dreams of wanting to perform at big arenas or something like that - which is completely fine - but for me, I quite simply just want to perform magic for a living. Whether it's performing in front of fifty people a night or walking around a wedding which I have been booked for to perform close-up at people's tables. If I can perform magic as my job, I will be overwhelmed with how my life has turned out.

4) We're quite the wanderlusts here on the blog, is there a special place in the world, like a magician's mecca, that you would absolutely love to visit?
Ah, the Magic Castle in Los Angeles would be incredible, or the Magic Circle in London would be amazing for me - that's one of my goals, to join the London Magic Circle. Other than those two examples, Las Vegas would be brilliant as there is so much magic there and so many magic shows on every night of the week. I'm not really a drinker or a gambler, but I would love to visit in order to watch so much magic.

5) You also play guitar and love music, who are your inspirations in the music world?
I really enjoy bands like Green Day, Black Stone Cherry and Alter Bridge and really respect how they have made their own path and their own destiny for themselves. They've had to work incredibly hard to get to where they're at and that is something that constantly inspires me both whilst I'm playing my guitar and performing my magic. I'm not only into my rock music however, I am also a really big fan of artists such as Avril Lavigne and Adele, anything that can make me feel some form of emotion is a winner for me!

Check out Jack on social media here:

Twitter: KemptonMagician.
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Have an awesome day everyone.

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