Gnocchi fatti in casa!

Gnocchi originated in Italy and dates back to the Roman times. It is said that it was introduced into European countries by the Romans during the expansion of the Roman Empire. Each country however, put their own twist on this small dumpling like pasta. Potato Gnocchi, like the one we are sharing with you today, became more common in the 16th century, after potatoes had been introduced to Europe.

Back when we were kids, our favourite part of the Gnocchi making process was sticking our thumbs in the dough. We would watch Grandad knead, roll, divide, cut and prepare the small gnocchi squares for us with wide eyes. When he gave us the go ahead, we would gently press our thumb in each delicate piece, giving it that famous Gnocchi look.

Now, our favourite part of the Gnocchi making process is the fact that we can whip it up without thinking. We just can't believe it's taken us so long. Like Grandad's pizza, it's taken us a while to feel fully confident without having Grandad right by our sides, giving us instructions and guiding us through the process. But after taking the bull by the horns and feeling it was finally time to dive straight in, we could not be happier with how our Gnocchi turned out. We cannot wait to get home to make both of these dishes for Grandad and to show him that his famous saying "It's easy when you know how!" is so very true.  

2 cups of flour plus extra for dusting your surface.
2 cups of mashed potatoes.
A pinch of salt.
1/2 tbsp of Olive Oil.
1 egg.

How to make your homemade Gnocchi:
1) Boil then mash your potatoes. Leave to cool slightly.

2) In a bowl or on a tray, combine your potatoes and flour.

3) Make a little well in the middle and add the egg, oil and salt.

4) Knead until you have a soft dough. It should feel nice and fluffy. Add more flour if necessary.

5) Once you have a dough, break off small sections and roll into medium sized sausages. Then using a knife, cut into small pieces. You can make them as big or small as you would like. 

6) Place your Gnocchi onto a tray and then press your thumb in the middle of each piece. 

7) Bring water to a boil in a saucepan, add your Gnocchi and let cook for 10-12 minutes. 

It's as simple as that! We made the same fresh tomato sauce we used for pizza, which you can find in our Pizza night blog and we also included homemade meatballs. The recipe of which we will save for another day. You know Grandad makes the best meatballs around. :) We adore that we can make Gnocchi so quickly and confidently now. It's been a huge hit with our husbands too, which makes us so happy.  All you need is a few fresh ingredients, but the love, the happiness and the memories that you will make in the kitchen are priceless.

We hope you give this recipe a try and if you do, please let us know! You can even send pictures! We would love that! :)

You can now download and print our Gnocchi recipe, it contains a shopping list and your instructions! :) 

Buona Giornata - Have a great day!


  1. Serious? Its that easy to make!!! I totally have to try this! Thanks girls!

    Vanessa x

    1. It is!! Once you do it a few times, you just get a feel for it and then can do it without thinking. That's the biggest thing we have learnt from our Nanna and Grandad. Cook with love! <3

      Thank you for reading!